Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Christmas Fun

 Although very different this year, Christmas was super fun just the three of us.
We opened presents, played a lot of games and Christmas dinner turned out great.
Pot Roast with Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Carrots, White Corn and Biscuits, all of our favorites.
I made apple crisp for desert ~ I did not take pictures of any of the food.

The hubs took this picture of the dinner table 
before we loaded it with food.

This game ended up being my favorite...
using the emojis provided, you had to guess the Christmas song.

Mike won the "Word Search"
he is really good at word searches...he won at Thanksgiving also!
The "Word Jumble" was a 3 way tie, 
all three of us unscrambled all 16 words.

The contents of our "Crackers" a hat, a silly toy and some jokes.
It's a Tradition, 
silly but fun, something we all look forward to.

I bought this Roomba for Mike,
he didn't want it (WHAT) so I inherited it, I needed a new one anyway.
I knew he might not want it, so I bought the one that I wanted, I will put my old one upstairs.

I named it "Alice" which is required when you download the App and register the vacuum.
This updated version, empties itself, when it returns to the docking station.
Watching it vacuum today, I can tell it is more efficient.

My sister bought me this dainty heart necklace, I love it.

My fiber friend Liz gave me this cookbook and I love it.
Each family from her son's school submitted their favorite recipe to make up this book.
There are some really good recipes in it.

Santa left this ornament under the tree for the hubs and I.
I love it and think it is perfect for us!


eileeninmd said...


What a fun Christmas! It is always nice to have your son home. The games sound fun and dinner sounds delicious. Lovely gifts and The ornament is cute. Take care, enjoy your day!

Changes in the wind said...

Everything looks so pretty and am sure the games were a hit. Glad you had a good Christmas is spite of covid.

Rian said...

Your Christmas and Christmas dinner sounds wonderful. We also had pot roast for xmas dinner. We didn't play any games together though... but we did talk and text family and friends, sat by the fire, and took naps! Kids dropped off and picked up gifts outside and we did get to play with new puppy on the front lawn!

21 Wits said...

Merry Christmas to you both, and what a lovely Christmas time you created, we shall survive this past year and move into a better place I just know this! Being hopeful is what it's all about. Wishing you all the best into 2021!

The Padre said...

All Of These Photos Brought On A Smile To My Heart - Spending Time Playing Games Is Absolutely Priceless - Please Express My Gratitude To The Hubs For All The Photo Taking - Much Appreciated


Lowcarb team member said...

Lovely to see your photographs.
So pleased you had a good Christmas.

Here's to a better 2021.

All the best Jan

Conniecrafter said...

Sounds like the perfect day. I just love the little stockings that hold the silverware. Love the little bike ornament, so fun!! Wishing you a fantastic year to come!

Ruth Hiebert said...

Looks like a fun Christmas celebration .

Brian King said...

Glad you had an awesome Christmas! Maybe I should try your gifting method next year! :-)

jp@A Green Ridge said...

That is a perfect ornament for you two, I agree. Sounds like you had a great Christmas. Happy New Year!...:)jp

Angie said...

Debbie - did you make the gingerbread house on your Christmas table? It is lovely. Where did you get the games? I am always looking for new games for our family to play! I was disappointed with the Christmas crackers that I bought this year - they only had a toy and a hat!!! Belated Merry Christmas, and wishing you the very happiest of New Year's!

Kim said...

It sounds as if your Christmas was perfect and a lot of fun. Fabulous your son could spend Christmas with you. The bike ornament is so sweet. Yes.....it fits you and your husband perfectly.

LeAnn said...

I love your fun personality and all the fun thing you do. The games look very fun and I love that you son was there to enjoy it all with you both. The bike ornament is the best. I would love to get a Roomba sometime. Maybe share with me the one that you got.
The necklace was lovely and a good cook book is awesome.
Sending loving thoughts and hugs!