Monday, December 2, 2019

The Winter Bucket List

After much thought, cross outs, re-do's and more thought...
is now complete.

I like the Bucket List found here as well, but I had trouble printing it.

I have been so busy...
cleaning, decorating the house, cooking, all sorts of good stuff.

When Michael was younger,
 it was a tradition of ours to put the Christmas lights on the back deck.
He always helped, 
it was always "our thing"...we did it just the two of us for years.
Since he has moved out, each year, I have done it alone.

This was the first year, in years, he was home for Thanksgiving and able to help.

I enjoy having lights in the back of the house, lights that I can see and enjoy, every day!

We made our Gingerbread Homes

The hubs uses a tape measure...
he takes his gingerbread house making skills seriously.

Mike too...
I bought a set with four small homes so we would each have our own.

The hubs was quite proud of his creation...

Mike too, Mikes house quite matched his personality! 

All four, done and decorated.
I'm not sure if I will keep them together, surrounded with snow, 
or sprinkle them around the house!

And the good news is, one thing is crossed off the Bucket List!


  1. I always love your Bucket List posts! How wonderful your son could be home to help you hang the lights!
    The gingerbread houses look great. I attempted a Halloween house with the quads and I’m clearly not good at this. The icing didn’t work and it kept falling apart. At one point Logan said, “Get the glue gun! This is a HOT MESS!” Now Summer used to make them every year back when she was home. Once she made one from chocolate candy. Our dog ate it! And survived!

  2. Those ginger bread house look great!
    That looks like a pretty good bucket list.
    It's snowing right now.. you can probably get that walking in the snow off the list..
    We went to see the Smithville light a couple years ago and really enjoyed them.. this time we are trying some place new.. lets see.

  3. Hello, love the cute gingerbread houses. You have a fun list of things to do in the winter. What is a good hot chocolate recipe? It is great your son was home, helping with the Christmas lights. YAY, they are pretty! Enjoy your day, wishing you a great new week!

  4. Did you walk in the snow today?

    1. we didn't ruth...please don't tell anyone!! hehehehe

  5. 🎄 This is a gorgeous post Debbie! Full of happy times - together. Love the gingerbread house results too. The lights look beautiful and from your photos we can see how visible they are through your windows xx 🎄

  6. I love reading your Bucket Lists! So happy that your son was home and able to spend the holiday with you and Chuck! Your gingerbread houses are all so cute. Enjoy those lights!!

  7. I love your bucket lists! Sounds like something I should do.

  8. Making gingerbread house looked to be such fun for your family and I love the lights on your fence

  9. Nice Christmas lights! Glad he was there to help this year. The gingerbread houses are awesome!

  10. I love your bucket list! Have you tried the English Kitchen's strawberry hot cocoa? It is pink and looks wonderful! Your gingerbread houses are so, so adorable. I'd keep them together with snow and little trees and people. Haven't been to National Harbor in nearly 10 years- I should go there sometime!

  11. Have always admired your faithfulness to a bucket list. What fun those gingerbread houses and your hubby with the tape measure:) Think they look great together. The back porch lights look great and glad your son was able to do it with you this year.

  12. So glad you were able to enjoy that time with your son and to do old traditions, all the houses look great, I have never done that, I should buy a kit one of these years :) You have a fun list to do this winter :) Although if I made a snow angel I don't know how easy it would be for me to get back up, LOL!

  13. Your bucket list is great and your son also. Your pictures are great!

  14. I like your bucket list.
    Just love the gingerbread houses.

    All the best Jan

  15. I loved your bucket list. It was awesome. It is fun to see photos of your Mike. I love how you have the tradition of doing the lights on the deck and especially the Gingerbread houses. They are awesome. I loved them as a little village!
    Hugs for all!