Thursday, December 12, 2019

Gaylord National Resort - Part II

We take this trip annually, 
always in December, always to see the ICE display and we always stay at 
The resort is so pretty, the decorations for Christmas are gorgeous!

They light the Christmas Tree ceremoniously each night at 6pm,
music, signing, dancing fountains...


and snow!

Everything outdoors is decorated...

the lights are really beautiful!

The lobby is a great place for pictures...

this was a cute spot for pictures also.
Letters to Santa,
they have cards there on a table, you write your note to the big guy,

and place it on the tree!

You can also write a special note to one of the reindeer. 

This will be our Christmas Card this was not my favorite but I was running out of time!!


  1. Hello, The Gaylord looks beautiful decorated for Christmas. Leaving a note on the tree for Santa is a cute idea. I like all the cute photos of you and your husband. You are having a simply wonderful Christmas time! Have a happy day!

  2. Just gorgeous. A feast for the eyes!

    I like Chuck's letter on the tree. that a butterfly tattoo on your right foot?? 😁

    1. YeS!!! i love has great meaning for me!!

  3. It looks lovely there and lots of fun! You look like you enjoyed it!

  4. That is really a wonderland ... Everything is so beautiful there!
    Enjoy your day!

  5. Beautiful place and as always, you capture it so well.

  6. It does look a lovely place, and I like the photographs of you both.

    All the best Jan

  7. Debbie - what a holiday treat! We don't have such displays in Montana, so I am happy to experience it vicariously!

  8. Oh those huge ornaments outside!! and all those lights. Wow, what a sight and inside it is wonderful as well.

  9. It is so neat you have those traditions you do, they really know how to decorate that place up, I wonder how long it takes them, it's neat they make a big deal out of the lighting every evening, makes it special for those that stay there no matter when they come. Your Christmas card photo is terrific!

  10. You had me at dancing fountains. I love the Bellagio's! My hubs said we are definitely going next year to ICE. Yay!

  11. wow, this place is amazing, love seeing all the neat stuff! My favorite is the tree ornaments, the huge ones, stacked up together. I would put that in our yard for sure! LOL Love your Christmas card picture....very cute. Enjoyed seeing this place, it looks so big. Loved that tree where you leave wishes/notes, that is cool!

  12. That is a pretty photo for your Christmas card, and wow, what a gorgeous place. The white trees against the blackness are stunning. And to think you can write a note to Santa's reindeer, how cute.

  13. What a magical place to visit and stay. I loved all the photos. Of course, the ones of the two of you are the best. I loved what Chuck wrote for the tree and yours too. I do believe too!
    Blessing and hugs!

  14. Fantastic lights! One of my favorite things about Christmas - light displays! Great choice for a card...Chuck is actually wearing a long sleeve t-shirt with a collar! hahahahaha! :-)

  15. What a magical place to inhale the festive spirit! Everything is unbelievable! I love both your comments to Santa. Both made me smile.