Monday, December 30, 2019

A Few Of My Favorite Things...

I love seeing our home decorated for Christmas.
I decorate all of the rooms downstairs but the family room is always my favorite.

It looks exactly the same every year and just as pretty during the day...

as it does at night!

I have a few favorite "things"!

The Christmas Tree in the Living Room.
I only buy presents for the "little ones" of which I have seven.
The snowmen in the back are for Addie and Lorelei.

I took 3 presents, wrapped them in white paper and created the snowman.
Then I purchased "snowmen kits" and made snowmen with the hat and scarf.
The other pieces from the kit (eyes, carrot nose and buttons) are in the gift bags.
The hubs drew the rest right on the boxes...
kinda' hard to explain but they came out really cute.


  1. Hello, your home and decorations look beautiful. I like the cute snowman, great idea. Enjoy your day and week ahead!

  2. Dear Debbie!
    Your Christmas home is beautifully decorated.
    Snowmen are a great gift and idea.
    Hugs and greetings.

  3. Dear Debbie!
    May this year be the one in which all your wishes come true.
    The one in which your dreams may turn into reality and all your fears may fade away.
    Happy New Year!

  4. Your home looks lovely and so warm and cozy.

  5. Your home is beautiful! And I love the snowman gifts! Using real gifts, too! Very creative!

  6. Debbie--your family room is beautiful. Even in the photo, you can feel the warmth and homeyness.

  7. Such a beautiful home !
    Happy New Year 2020 !

  8. Debbie - truly gorgeous. Your decorations are simple and sophisticated. Just enough without being overwhelming. You have very good taste!

    And the gifts wrapped in white to create a snowman is a cool, creative idea! Happy New Year to you!

  9. Your home is so pretty, Debbie, I love how you've arranged it all and I love your furniture and accessories/decor!! It's all so nice and pretty. Definetly a happy and welcoming place. Happy new year my friend, may it be a healthy and happy one for y'all!! Hugs!

  10. Beautiful, I love the way you did your mantle, love how full it is and with all the lights just wonderful, I love all your snowmen, so sweet The snowflake on the scarf to the ones you made are a cute touch!

  11. Beautiful! Love your home, Debbie.


  12. Lovely series of photographs, I think your home and decorations look beautiful.

    All the best Jan