Monday, December 9, 2019


This years ICE display reenacted the 1957 story of
- how the grinch stole Christmas -

ICE is a walk through holiday attraction,
where you can explore a variety of scenes from the 1957 story. 
2 million pounds of hand carved ice, 
several 2 story ice slides all displayed in a huge tent kept at a chilly 9 degrees.

Come along with us and enjoy the world of ICE!

Me on the slide!

The hubs on the slide!

We visited ICE at 4:30 on Wednesday last week and the place was empty.
We double backed to enjoy all of the sculptures fully.
It was nice having the place all to ourselves and it was awesome for taking pictures.

This is a trip we take every year and it is so much fun.
Tune in tomorrow for more of what we enjoyed while in Washington!


  1. Hello, Love the Grinch! The ICE carvings are amazing. It is good to go at a time when there are no crowds. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  2. you know i just seem to know when the perfect time for a Debbie visit is ... i love the Grinch of my favorite Christmas movies never ...i gotta watch that this year. i love it!! very creative. glad you did share. u both look so warm ... fun times. i enjoy it. ( ;

  3. Wow it just amazes me what they can do with the ice, so nice that you had the place to yourselves to get some good pictures. You are a brave girl with those temps, I hate the cold anymore, my feet and hands just can't take the cold anymore. Looks like you had a great time, so glad to hear that!

  4. Incredible! Such amazing work! Looks like fun!

  5. How fun... I don’t remember learning about ICE before.. have you blogged it before? but then it would have been a year ago at least and sometimes I can’t remember what I had for dinner! Anyway, it looks like super fun, but cold. And o gosh slide isn’t made of ice is it?

  6. Look at you all rugged up like a snow bunny. =) What a fascinating place. The smiles on the both of your faces tell us all how much fun this place is. How fun to slide down that slide!

  7. The wonderful frozen world of Grinch!
    Who doesn't love him …
    Very nice ice sculptures Debbie!
    Thank you!

  8. Oh my gosh Debbie we don't have ANYTHING like that here!! Sure loved seeing these pictures. So much bright colors!! and alot of fun. I will never understand how in tarnation they hand carve that ice like that!!??--that is amazing. So cute you braved the slide!! NOt sure I would have, ha ha LOL.

  9. This is AMAZING and it was done completely in ice? I absolutely love it!

  10. What fun. I bet kids love it too. So nice you were able to enjoy it without lots of other people around. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my RV Adventure. - Margy

  11. If you hadn't said it was made out of ice I wouldn't believe it. Wow!

  12. Fantastic sculptures! We've been watching the various Grinch movies lately. I'm willing to bet Chuck has just a t-shirt on under his parka! LOL!

  13. The ICE carvings are amazing … lovely to see you both on the slides.

    All the best Jan

  14. This trip to see the Ice Carvings each year is one of my favorite. Wow, the story of the Grinch is well told in these sculptures.
    I loved the slide photos of the two of you. You are both so fun and adventurous. I'm smiling on this one!
    Big hugs for you two!