Thursday, March 14, 2019

Needle Punching

Do you remember when I picked up the craft Needle Punching and wrote about the class I took here.
It was a wonderful class offered at Frame & Fiber taught by Mary.

I left that ornament hanging here on my lamp all winter.

I knew Mary had other designs and I have been wanting to make more 
Christmas Ornaments since taking the class,
starting now would give me a great jump on the upcoming holiday season.

I met with Mary and she provided me with everything I needed to make the ornaments,
 except embroidery floss,
next it was off to Michaels to pick up the floss.

In my package were these instruction sheets and wooden ornaments to mount them on.

She also drew the designs on the cloth, providing me with 2 of each design.

I started with the snowman because it was familiar to me.

The instruction sheet for the snowman.

I decided to make the Santa next.

Here it is today, a work in progress.

Here is a look at the back, you work from the back and punch through to the front.

Yet to be done, the Snowflake
In the clear sack are the wooden frames the work is mounted on when completed.

this is the snowflake design...
As much as I love knitting and crocheting, I just wanted a change for a few weeks.


  1. Hello Debbie, all three are cute ornaments. I have never heard of punch needle, until you wrote about it. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  2. Your little snowman ornament turned out out beautifully. How pretty all the ornament designs are and they look like a lot of fun to do. By Christmas time your home will be bedecked with the prettiest of festive pretties.

  3. You're so talented and I do remember when you posted about creating your snowman.
    I sensed a change was in the air.... creatively ;D) and, yay, good planning starting on the ornaments now.
    Mary sounds so helpful.
    Santa is coming along beautifully. Lovely :D) xx

  4. You amaze me.You can pick up any craft and excel in it. Way to go girl!

  5. Well you certainly will have some new and unique ornaments for your Christmas tree in December.

  6. Oh how cool that is...I have never done that. Sort of reminds me of rug hooking yet different. Love that you are doing all this crafty stuff! You do such a great job.

  7. Its very nice. I am so glad you like punch needle. I am doing a rug but I am using a big punch needle. Its a nice thing to do sometimes, not to mention it uses different muscles.
    I missed this post earlier when I was checking on blogs. Have a great weekend Debbie.

  8. They will be wonderful on your tree next year!

  9. These do look like such fun projects and I will look forward to you showing us the finished ones. I’m not sure it looks easy and I admire you doing these. I wish I had time to do get back doing a few things again.
    Thanks for sharing this new project with us; I loved it.
    Loving thoughts and hugs!

  10. This is delightful, and something I'm betting would be fun with my grandkiddos!

  11. You are doing a great job with these and nice to have a few patterns to pick from to do :)