Thursday, January 10, 2019

Snowman Punch Needle

Who remembers the super fun
 Punch Needle Class
I took, way back when, before Christmas?

I took the class on November 18th, finished the needle punching work before Christmas
but never mounted the finished product on to the wood ornament.

This is what we are making...
This is the teachers work, our encouragement.

I enjoyed the class, 7 of us, I did not know anyone and met some very nice ladies.

After the 2 hour class, and after doing a little more work on it at home that night,
mine looked like this and I was pretty happy.

With punch needling, the design is on the back, and you work from the back.
So this is what you are looking at while you work.

All finished, but still in the hoop, it looked like this.

All finished, and the back looked like this.

Mounted on the wood ornament, it looks like this.
I think it came out nicely for my first go at it.

I also made a few cute things for the little ones in my life...

These S'mores Kits

One hershey bar, 2 graham crackers and an oversized peeps!
These are fun, 
my niece has a fire pit and the kids love them.

I also made these cute holders for a sleeve of popcorn .
This is the front...

this is the back...

the popcorn nestles nicely inside.
If you are interested, you can print these popcorn wrap arounds here for free,
and the S'mores tags can be found here, they are also free.


  1. Oh, that snowman is so cute. Debbie, is this kind of like needle point? My mom made several beautiful ones that we had framed. In fact, one is on our living room wall. :)


  2. So cute!! How did you like the punch needle? It hurts my hands too much. I still have a project in the works that I want to finish. Knitting is so much kinder to me! Love the treats. Always so clever you are :)

    1. i liked it, although i did "feel it" in my right hand. but i liked the way it turned out, and i would like to make more small ornaments like this one for package toppers/gifts, for next christmas. if i start now, i will have plenty of time to work until my hand hurts, then give it a break. my right hand hurts when i knit too, and sometimes it goes all willy wonka and i have to stop. i am use to working with hands that are numb, tingling and not working right so i just take breaks. thanks for the kind treat comment, i wish we had pinterest when my kids were growing up!!

  3. Well done Debbie. Now you have a new ornament for next Christmas

  4. Debbie, this sweetheart is lovely.
    A wicked Christmas ornament.

  5. I think this looks lovely Debbie … well done :)

    All the best Jan

  6. How lovely! Your needle punching snowman is wonderful. It intrigued me as I hadn't known about that craft before. I love all the texture you've created.
    Well done too on those gifts you made :D)

  7. You are one super crafty lady. The needle punch looks adorable.

  8. Great ideas, Debbie. You are a crafty one!

  9. Your punch needle turned out beautiful! Good job. I love those smore things you made those are awesome too.
    Did you stab yourself at all? That punch needle is a dangerous weapon to myself in my hand. :)

    1. hehehehe kim, i did at first. then i started holding my work differently and pushing the needle in on a slight angle. i found that worked better. i really like the end look, the texture that the embroidery thread creates when worked in this way!!

  10. Love your punch needle snowman mounted onto the wood ornament shape! You certainly were a busy one before Christmas, Debbie.

  11. I don't know anything about punch needle, but that turned out really nice!

  12. You did a fantastic job on your snowman, you are making me want to get mine out again :)
    I love your little smore kits, those gingerbread dudes are so cute in it and I love the popcorn bag idea , such fun ideas you had for this Christmas ;)