Sunday, January 6, 2019

The National Mall

We saw some new statues at The National Mall, in Washington, D.C., that were not there last year.
These statues are so detailed, so lifelike, you have to see them to believe it.
It was very difficult to get pictures, as there were a lot of children climbing on them.
I found that to be very disrespectful, but their parents were not troubled by it.
I was so happy to see a woman represented by the Coast Guard.

The National Mall has it's very own Peeps store.
Peeps everything - they now sell Mike & Ike products as well.
I made Smores kits for the little ones for Christmas.

We also saw a full size replica of an Air Force One aircraft.
Sitting on a small spot of land, water to the right side, a small patch of land to the left,
the aircraft was brought to this spot on a barge.
We were pretty excited when we first saw it...less excited when we learned it was a replica.
The plane never served as Air Force One, 
it has been painted and remodeled to look like the real thing.

The Capital Wheel
We went for a wasn't crowed and we must have gone around 10 was so fun!

The view was amazing!

Me and the hubs...
My eye glasses are transition lenses,
 and I always take them off for pictures as the lenses get very dark.
As you can see here...
I was so busy chatting with everyone and taking pictures for everyone else,
I forgot to take them off...oh well!

I loved this little truck in the restaurant we ate in before we left!


  1. Debbie you have got yourself another fine collect of photos. The statues certainly have a realistic look to them.

  2. You have a great time!Beautiful pictures!Thanks for sharing!

  3. The sculptor of “The Awakening” gets full marks for creativity.

  4. How lifelike those statues look. Love the view from your vantage point....another huge Christmas tree to be seen. Another fun exciting getaway for you and your husband.

  5. Love the statues and can't imagine how real they really look in person. Not sure I would like the Farris wheel but the views would be worth it. Thanks for sharing...oh and loved the little truck.

  6. Lifelike for real! Amazing, actually. I loved seeing these, Debbie.

    No feet off the ground for me, girl. I would never, ever! :)


  7. Hello Dear Debbie!
    Incredible. These statues are alive.
    The sculpture "Awakening" is great.
    I am delighted with her.

    Greetings to you and your husband from Poland.

  8. OH, wow...chills to see Air Force One. That big United States of America just grabs my heart. :)

  9. What fun, the peep location is great, but most of all I can't believe how real life those amazing statues are!

  10. Very interesting pictures. The view from the wheel is amazing, but I wouldn't be getting on it for anything.

  11. Debbie - OMG - a Peeps store! Why has no one told me about this before? It probably sounds silly, but this is now on my bucket list! It looks like you had a wonderful trip - glad it was not crowded (except maybe the kids on the statues). I am trying to decide how I feel about that - if it helps the kids be aware of and appreciate the people who protect us, then maybe it's a good thing … Happy New Year to you!

  12. Wow those statues are so life like I thought they were actually people posing before I read it.
    It looked like you could go inside the replica? I wonder if they have it made up to look the real one on the inside too?
    That is a big wheel, I am afraid of heights so I don't know how I would have done on it but to be able to see everything and going around ten times is a good amount. I usually never take off my sunglasses, I am not supposed to with my macular degeneration anyway if it isn't too sunny out hubby will ask me to take them off ;) Quite the massive tree you are in front of, you guys always take great pictures.

  13. I thought the statues were people. Wonderful work!

  14. Extremely realistic statues! I bet that's a neat place to visit. Love the ferris wheel!

  15. Those are utterly amazing (the statues) although the peeps store kind of is too! S’more kits are a great idea. I could do that for the great-grandboys next summer (for a backyard camp out maybe).

  16. Those statues are very lifelike, wow! I would never let me kid climb on them...but to each there own I guess lol!
    Wonderful the street scene with Christmas tree!

  17. I think the statues are brilliant, and yes it is disrespectful to climb on them, I would not allow my children to do it and likewise our grandchildren.

    That view in your shot is really amazing.

    All the best Jan