Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Yarn Along

It's Wednesday, let's talk about yarn.
 I have 2 knitting projects in the works, and one "secret" craft that uses yarn.
The secret craft is not knitting, and it is almost done.
It is a "secret" because it is a gift, that has yet to be given 
and the person/persons who will be receiving it read my blog.
I am so excited, squealing at this very moment!

First up...

I have made so many of these, it's a fun, quick, easy knit...
and I am hoping to find a friend who needs a hat.
You see, all my friends have hats, because that is all I knitted in the beginning,
and one Christmas, everyone received a hat.

I really love the tags that come with this yarn from "my" Alpaca Farm.
This yarn came from Spacie, Swag and Vauneese and all three are pictured on the tag.

Knit - Purl - Slip
If you know those 3 stitches, you can knit this simple hat.

I am also working on another Gallatin Scarf

All went perfectly until I finished the main lace and started the first row.
Then things went all Willy Wonka, and I kept forgetting what I was doing.
It's a big mistake but I can't really see it, 
so I think I may just restart where I am and pretend nothing happened.

This yarn was gifted to me by 
Andrea at This Knitted Life - Tributary Yarns 
Check her out, she has a fun blog 
and her hand dyed yarn is amazing...look for her on Raverly,
you can purchase her yarn there.


  1. Oh, I love all those colors especially the first one! You have become a knitting 'queen', Debbie.

    I hope this will be a good year for you and Chuck!

  2. beautiful knitting Debbie! I love how can trace your yarn back to each alpaca - pretty special. Gorgeous lacework - keep going, it's incredible xx

  3. Mistakes! Put them behind you and work on Debbie it is all looking good

  4. Love, love, love the color and pattern of the scarf:)

  5. Thank you so much for sharing these amazing tips. I must say you are an incredible writer, I love the way that you describe the things. Please keep sharing.

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  6. Well, it all looks good to me :)
    Belated good wishes for 2019.

    All the best Jan

  7. Beautiful yarn for both projects! I am sure anyone would love to get one of your hats :)
    I don't see any wrongs either with the scarf, I say just keep going :) good luck with the rest

  8. Yes, let's talk about yarn! Gorgeous projects. Now about that pretty scarf....I cannot see where you went Willy Wonka!!

  9. Aaaaannnnddddd… is that sweater coming along????
    I am so glad you have joined the 'oops. a mistake. oh well, I'll just keep going' knitting method.