Thursday, January 17, 2019

The Winter Bucket List

Things are going very well with the... 

Winter Bucket List

I have surprised myself with all those red "x's" on the list...
In the upper right corner of the page I wrote us a note, "Have Fun", we sure have.
But we need some snow to finish things up...
and it just may be coming this weekend - fingers crossed.
We got a small dusting the other day, not even enough for pictures.

The hubs went in to Home DePot for some work supplies,
and saw these Paperwhites on sale, half price.
Only three to a box, I planted them on Thursday January 10th.

A few days later, we were food shopping at Stop & Shop,

 I saw these Amaryllis on clearance for a dollar. 
Can you believe that, one dollar, one hopped straight in to my shopping cart.
But why only one??
For a buck-a-roo, I could have been a real sport and picked up a few.

I spread the paperwhites out wider and on Saturday,
 I put the Amaryllis in the same dish, in the center.
 I think everyone is happy...
here's hoping we have some pretty blooms in the house very soon!


  1. You certainly have done well with your bucket list and amaryllis, I like a bargain! I made a snow angel last year, gosh I couldn't believe how cold I felt!!!
    Enjoy your week but most of all, keep having fun :)

  2. Hello, that is a great deal on the Paperwhites and Amaryllis. We had a few inches of snow last week and maybe more to come tonight and this weekend. I hope you get to put a red check on the bucket list for the snow angel. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and the weekend ahead.

  3. You’ve made excellent progress on your list! Hope you get just the right amount of snow, not enough to be any work!

  4. I have never done a bulb and think I should give it a try.

  5. How nice to have plants in the house when its cold outside. I love your list. That is amazing that you have done so much on your list already. Have a nice day.

  6. Wow that was some really great deals, I helped the church take down the Christmas decorations and they said I could take as many of the poinsettias I wanted, I only took two small because I really have to room for more, Love having flowers in the house this time of year. Hope you get the snow you want, we still have ours from last weekend and are getting 2-6 more inches Saturday.

  7. Soon you will have the narcissus Debbie, the plant looks very good 😍
    Buen jueves.

  8. At those prices you just had to get some. I would have had the same dilemma. Should be some pretty flowers coming soon.

  9. I am sure you will have some pretty blooms in your house very soon :)

    All the best Jan

  10. a bucket list would require me to set goals. Not so big on that.

  11. My Mother always had a few pots of Paper Whites and one grand Amaryllis. She had the drear of February so much and these happy little plants got her through it until she could get out into her spring gardens.

  12. It's great to get a bargain. Your bulbs are looking good.

  13. I hope it blooms!

    Ice? Does that mean ice skating? Ice scultpures?

    1. there is an ICE display in Washington, D.C., that we go to every year. it is a walk through display of ice sculptures, 2 millions pounds of colored ice, this years theme was charlie brown. i did a few blog posts about it, too bad you missed is a wonderful display!!

  14. I really need to get better at that bucket list thing. I actually tried to do one for January and struggled - I have two things on the list. Yours always look so simple and fun. I have a feeling I'm overthinking this too... Argh

  15. What a fun bucket list! Love it! What a bargain for the bulbs and the containers are so pretty. It's so nice to have blooms in the winter and the scent is just heavenly. Hope you get some snow....but not too much! Hugs xo Karen

  16. Very nice list and you've already got the green thumb going!