Friday, March 29, 2019

Spring Concert

My great niece Lorelei had her Spring Concert at school.
When I entered the auditorium, she screamed my name and ran at lightning speed toward me.
oh the joy...
to be so important to this little girl and her sister...
to feel so special and be so loved...

And oh the dress, the dress was spectacular...
Addie has one too and they will wear them for Easter!

She knew exactly where I was standing...
their were lots of smiles and waves pointed in my direction.

Mom and Dad were on the other side...

they got lots of smiles and waves as well!
She knew every word to every song, even the songs for the other class.
She is spunky and spirited and has a personality like no other.

We went and had dinner afterward and she insisted she sit next to me.
We talked, we colored, we cuddled when she got tired,
oh what a night!! 

Many thanks to my niece and her husband for always including me in everything the kids do.

I love their two children, Addie & Lorelei
I love them more than I thought I could ever love.


  1. Gorgeous dress, perfect for a gorgeous little red-head! You are blessed to have both girls!

  2. Hello Debbie!
    Two very beautiful girls. A very nice and colorful dress.
    Sunny weekend:)

  3. Beautiful young ladies. I can understand what you are so special to them.

  4. Hello, your great nieces are so pretty. Congrats to Lorelei on her concert. Cute photos! Enjoy your day, have a happy weekend!

  5. Addie and Lorelei look as if they are bubbling with gorgeous personality. Such a beautiful photo of them together. I must say Lorelei's dress is beautiful. Suits her sweet smile and fabulous hair perfectly.

  6. Oh how lovely of your Addie and Lorelei beautiful! Lorelei's dress is so pretty. I am back on my blog since my two knee now new Oh you and hubby never change. Drop over to my blog add your name or give me some loving comments You and your hubby were my fav couples. My hubby turned the big 80. I put pictures up. hugs to you both.

  7. Debbie , what little beauties. I bet they will be so cute in their Easter dresses. That awesome red hair. Being loved liked that is so touching isn't it? Once I am around little ones who love and hug makes me feel good for days. LOL Blessings to all of you, xoxo, Susie

  8. Adorable! Sometimes I wish kids could stay that age, but then I think better of it! LOL!

  9. She is a beauty. I know the feeling. I love my nieces too!

  10. Such beautiful girls. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  11. Adorable! I love Lorelei’s concert outfit. Addie and Lorelei are sweet little girls. Great photos Debbie :)

  12. How wonderful, what a great time filled with love and memories. She is just adorable too, you are a lucky and special auntie!

  13. How wonderful to have them in your life and like you said to know you are loved as much as they love you, nothing better than that. She is just darling and that dress is just so sweet on her. I wish we lived closer to family that I could be closer with my great nieces and nephews. I bet she was so cute and fun to watch, does sound like it was a perfect evening!

  14. Oh my goodness, Addie and Lorelei are adorable! Lorelei looks like such a sweet, spirited girl - and I love her dress!

  15. Two beautiful little girls.
    What a lovely dress that is too.

    All the best Jan

  16. Oh Aunt Debbie! That is beyond wonderful!