Thursday, March 7, 2019


I went to Michaels to buy some embroidery floss, for another project I am working on.
They just so happen to keep that in the back corner of the store.
That equals walking past every other amazing craft known to mankind.
oh the distractions...
And to make matters worse, this is a brand new store, 
that just happens to be unlike any other Michaels I have ever shopped in.
What is most amazing is the home decor, beautiful things that you don't need, but really want.

I refrained, I have enough things to dust...but then there was Easter.
oh my weakness, I found photographing all the things I wanted but would not buy, helped.

I wanted this and did not buy it.
I have something similar that I display my hydrangeas in.
This is not as pretty as what I have but I thought the tall, thin necks would hold the flowers up better.
 I did not have my coupon, I contemplated and left.
I may go back!

I walked outside for my chariot (the hubs) to pick me up.
I looked to the right and saw a brand new 
Home Goods Store
I have not been in a Home Goods in ages, I refrained but it was not easy.

Long story longer, I got my embroidery floss!!


  1. A lot of interesting things in the new store and you are right... nothing there I need... but I am sure my wife will change my mind.

  2. Thanks for taking me shopping. I have not been to Michaels for a very long time. ❤️

  3. Hello, both the Michael's and Home Goods are great stores. I like all the Easter decorations! I enjoyed shopping virtually with you. Wishing you a happy day!

  4. Great stuff there! My daughter would love that.

  5. There are so many goodies there, I refrain too, if I bought anymore I would have to get rid of what I do have because I am not buying anymore storage totes, no room and hubby is sick of storing them I am sure, LOL! I do have a lot of plastic eggs left over from when we use to do Easter egg hunts with out daughter, I am seriously thinking of doing egg wreath like the ones you showed, will see if that happens :) We have a home goods here to now, I have only been in it twice but have found nice gifts for friends there. can't wait to see what you are doing with your floss

  6. I love Michaels! In particular to find crafts for the greats.

    You took some wonderful photo's, Debbie.


  7. I'd love a walk around this store …
    Wonderful array of photographs for us to see, thank you.

    All the best Jan

  8. You are to be commended for your restraint. I plan on going to Micheals on Saturday and am not sure I can exercise the same restraint.

  9. I do love your adventures. I will need to go to our local Michaels and look at some Easter items. I would love if you went to the Home Good Store and took some photos then I could decide if it’s worth the trip. You are my favorite ever! Big hugs~

  10. Oh wow, I would have had a hard time keeping my hands off my wallet! I have loved the Easter decorations in the stores, but have not succumbed yet. I haven't stepped into our local Michael's yet. Loved your photos of all these pretty decorations.

  11. Oh my goodness, look at all the pretty things!! So many fun things to look at===or to BUY!! LOL I'm glad you got your floss though. I will have to get out our box of Easter decor soon. Not as much as Christmas, but a few things that I always put out. I haven't been in Michaels since they put out the EAster/Spring stuff. I also enjoyed the beautiful post with the birds a post or two back....I'm telling you, you have the most beautiful pictures of the birds!! And it always lifts my spirits. Please keep sharing them.

  12. what a wonderful display in that shop and am glad you resisted in buying anything.

  13. Bunny and rabbits galore! I really like that cute white bunny, and Micheal's is one of my fave places to visit too!