Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The Great Blue Heron

Spotting this big beautiful bird behind the tall grasses was a thrill...

Watching it walk out into the open was so exciting for the bird lover in me.

When I first spotted it, 
I thought, no way it will come out from hiding,

But it did!

With one eye fixated on me at all times...

it stood proudly out in the open,

almost as if it was as curious about me as I was about it.

After several minutes, it flew off to another part of the lake that was not frozen.
We watched it and followed it in the car.

There was a bit more posing but quite frankly, all the pictures look the same.

When I got too cold to take more pictures, my wonderful hubs took over and captured these
"amazing to me" flight images!

I couldn't get over the "splash" image in the water that was the shape of the Heron.

This big bird does not migrate in the winter.
They have a long neck and legs and a dagger like bill.
A mostly blue/gray bird, with black and white streaks down the center.
If you look closely, my flight images show off it's reddish trousers.

It's feet were black when walking, yellow in flight, so I assume the underside of it's feet are yellow.

I also saw some Long Tailed Ducks, not here, but at the inlet, a first for me.
I will be sharing those pictures soon, I may save them for Saturday's Critter Party.


  1. Those photos of the bird taking flight are amazing to me, too. Actually every single one of your photos are amazing to me, Debbie. I do declare I never, never see birds as pretty as those that visit your shores. You truly do live in bird heaven!

  2. Hello Debbie, awesome series of photos on the Great Blue Heron. They are beautiful and always fun to watch! Enjoy your day!

  3. Oh my...great shots of such a beautiful bird. I love Heron's and I love watching them take off and fly away. They are beautiful.

  4. What lovely photos. I enjoyed seeing them and Chuck was able to take some amazing ones too. You have such interesting things around you. Have a nice day Debbie.

  5. Beautiful pictures and such a magnificent bird

  6. Wow - so amazing and beautiful! Fabulous shots.

  7. This bird is wonderful, its colors delight. Great pictures. Greetings.

  8. It is a magnificent bird, such nice colouring.
    The photographs you've shared are all wonderful to see.

    All the best Jan

  9. Awesome photos! I love the water drops coming off his legs and feet! They're fun to watch when they're hunting, although that sometimes requires a lot patience.

  10. I am speechless. WOW!!!! Some of the best Heron shots I may have ever seen.

  11. Beautiful! We often have them visit the creek just down the street. Y’all did a great job!

  12. Spectacular! Those shots of flight are amazing! Wow!

  13. Fabulous images Debbis especially he first one where the Heron is just taken off

  14. What a beautiful bird. Bird watching is a bit mesmerizing. They're amazing creatures.

  15. Oh wow that is amazing, love the color blues in him, so nice of him to come out and model for you :) Kudos to hubby for taking over for you and capturing the take off!

  16. Nice shots. These guys love to pose, don't they?

  17. Beautiful captures of this lovely bird, and especially your first photo such a cute sweet face! Great moves it has too.

  18. Wow!!! I love them all, and I’d say Chuck’s flight photos are amazing to me, also!