Monday, January 28, 2019

Lake Of The Lilies

After a stop at the beach on Saturday, we drove over to my favorite lake,
Lake of the Lilies, in Point Pleasant Beach.
Ninety percent of the lake was frozen, offering only small areas for the ducks to hang out.
Lucky for me, 
those areas were close to the shoreline, but unfortunately, 
it seems most of the ducks left when the lake froze over.

There were hundreds of seagulls, who did not seem to mind the ice at all.
The hubs said I should name this "Walking on Water"!

Ruddy Ducks
I think pictured here are two males and one female.

There was an American Coot convention, all traveling close together.

That was it, American Coots and Rudy Ducks...
During my last visit, I saw a much greater variety of ducks,
even the Mallards and Canadian Geese were gone.
As were both of the Wood Ducks.

Then from behind the grasses...

a Great Blue Heron emerged.

what a thrill!!
I took about 50 pictures of this beautiful bird and once I was frozen solid, 
the hubs stepped in to help out.

Lots more pictures of this beauty tomorrow!!


  1. I am surprised to see that the Heron is still there in the cold weather. Looking forward to tomorrow's posting.

    1. i have read that they do not migrate and i have seen a couple this winter. silly bird, i would. our egrets do head south for winter!

  2. What beautiful colors on that Heron:)and I like the walking on water.

  3. Hello, beautiful captures of the ducks, coots and the heron. The Ruddy Ducks are adorable. Have a happy day and a great new week ahead!

  4. Such a thrill to see the heron among the grasses. Love all the photos, Debbie. The first one is gorgeous!

  5. Love the hiding great blue, such a great picture. I would not blame the ducks for leaving, that mostly frozen lake might have been a hint! Of course I admit to being a weather wimp, so my thoughts about snow and cold are terribly prejudiced.

  6. I learn about a new Jersey spot every time I stop by here.. Lake of Lilies sounds lovely.

  7. OK, seeing and photographing that Heron has to be the icing on the cake.

  8. Lovely selection of photographs, but that Great Blue Heron does look rather special.

    All the best Jan

  9. Beautiful photos! I love the gull on the ice and the heron in the reeds is just awesome!

  10. Debbie - the seagull on the ice is a charming photo. And I am mesmerized by the color on many of your subsequent photos - they almost look like paintings! Congratulations on putting up with the weather to capture these splendid photos of the heron!

  11. love all the pictures, but the first one especially, that's a really neat one--so big and clear!

  12. that is so neat that there were different birds there now, and you did great getting a picture of that blue heron, I can imagine how excited you were. Our ducks have all left the pond at the end of our street.

  13. It must have been so cold out there - beautiful photos. You're so intrepid Debbie (and hubby)... thanks for the great post :D)

  14. Walking on water is a great shot! I’m looking forward to more shots of the heron.