Thursday, January 31, 2019

Stops Along The Way

If you know me, or have ever driven in a car with me, Leanne,
you know I am famous for shouting out "stop the car..turn it around..I saw something really good".
Sometimes, that is true, sometimes, not so much.
Or sometimes, getting a picture, a good picture, is nearly impossible.
But this post is dedicated to the hubs, 
the man who stops for and turns around for nearly everything.

The first three were taken on the same, cloudy, crappy day this past fall.
They aren't very good but since the hubs stopped for me, I think they are worth sharing.
Each of the rest were taken on different days!

Great Blue Heron

White Tailed Deer

Red Shouldered Hawk 

Maybe a Red Tailed Hawk with the white bib in the front

We found this little guy walking around a piece of vacant land we were thinking about buying!

White Tailed Deer

This picture is from the summer.
This big guy was walking around on the new concrete around the pool, 
thank goodness it was dry.
I think he was contemplating a swim.


  1. Hello, what a great variety. I love the heron, deer and the box turtle. Your hubby is awesome, always turning the car around for photos. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day, have a great weekend ahead.

  2. I love that your husband stops for you. That's true love, right there!!
    Louis Dean does the same for me. My Amber loves to cook and once she had been a bit blue and had not been taking photos of the meals she had prepared. and she cooks just about every single day. As in making up ecipes or tweaking one she's seen.
    So this one day, she served Mike his dinner and he looked up at her and said, "Don't you want to take a picture of it?" True Love.

  3. What a series! They are all lovely.
    Anyway my husband has the same problem when he is driving: "Stop! Stop! Stop!..." :)

  4. Our husbands need the recognition for their turn-arounds don't they? ;) Lovely photos Debbie!

  5. My husband does the same. He stops for photos which are terrible sometimes but he doesn’t mind and we enjoy the time together. These photos are great!

  6. I would be screaming as loud as possible! What amazing turn around treats!!!

  7. Really....these photos aren't great??? I think they are amazing! You have a wonderful hubs there, but I think you already know that. =)

  8. Awesome finds! Great feather detail on the heron! Love the hawks! It sounds like your drives involve a lot of turning around! :-)

  9. Hee Hee! I think of you every time I see something cool while I'm driving....I think "Debbie would want to stop here!" and of course I would stop for you!!

  10. such great pics, yeah Greg is doing that to me all the time, I love the deer pics and great detail in the frog and turtle, always neat to see them when you aren't expecting it.

  11. A very nice selection of photographs, thank you.

    All the best Jan