Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Barlow Flower Farm

We all have one, a favorite garden center...one where there is magic around every corner.
Mine is,
Beautiful flowers, plants, trees, wreaths, gifts, lanterns, ceramics and so much more.
Family owned and operated, 
what I love most about this place is that you see the same people every single time you visit.
The displays are gorgeous, their merchandise is beautiful,
and everything is displayed with so much artistry!
A trip here, any time of the year, surely puts you in the gardening spirit!

Here are a few of my favorite things...

Many thanks to all the lovely people who work here...I am always excited to visit.
This is a great place to shop for Christmas gifts and pick up a few things for yourself.
Sometimes I just come to see the beautiful flowers and displays.
If you are ever in Sea Girt, New Jersey, 
a visit here is a must!

ps...they just messaged me and asked if they could use my pictures in their marketing campaign.
ummm, yes!! please do...
I am so excited...I about wet my pants. What a thrill and such an honor for me!
If you know me, you get it!


  1. Hello, it is a nice garden center. We do have a similar place here called Valley View. I stopped buying ornaments, I have too many now I do not use. But, I really love the Santa and those big bells. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  2. I have never seen a garden center like this! The picture with the shoes should be framed. I am envious.

  3. I grew up with the Barlow's. Stephen and I went all through school together from kindergarten to high school graduation. Such a wonderful family. I miss doing graphic design for them. Did it for years and it was always fun.

  4. So very beautiful, Debbie. I could spend hours looking at the wonderful displays. :)


  5. We visited our favourite garden center recently as well. Yours is a beauty!

  6. WOW! This place is amazing.Wish I could visit it in person, but since that likely won't happen, thanks for sharing these pictures.

  7. Simply fabulous photographs, and I'd definitely pay them a visit if I lived nearer!
    How nice that they want to use your photographs in their marketing campaign … well done :)

    All the best Jan

  8. I get the feeling you love to visit these places.

  9. The gardening spirit in the spring and the Christmas spirit now ...it is magical there. And oh my gosh congratulations on being published in their marketing materials. (Congratulations to the Barlow management too on picking the perfect talented photographer!)

  10. Well it is certainly very full of Christmassy things to buy

  11. Oh Wow Congrats on them asking to use your pictures, that is so fantastic, they sure have picked the right person, you do such fantastic work and always show their stuff off so nicely! They do a wonderful job with their displays. I think I eyed some gourds there, they are so cool, I saw some at a store near here and just love them!

  12. Congratulations on the exposure for your photos! (No pun intended.) That's awesome! Very impressive place. I see several Christmas decorations I would like!

  13. Oh, I am so excited that they are going to use your spectacular photos for their marketing efforts. I have told you before you are a fantastic photographer.
    All of these photos are lovely and I visit and shop there for sure, if I could. I love their deoorations and they seem organized and it just looks like a delightfully fun place.
    Sending happy thoughts and hugs your way!