Tuesday, November 6, 2018

My Happy Place...

I can always find my inner peace here...

The ocean is everything I want to be...beautiful, mysterious, 
sometimes calm, sometimes wild and always free!

We found some pretty sea glass on Saturday, 
not too much but one heart shaped piece that was my favorite.
All but one of these pieces were very smooth.
We also found one, very old, weathered piece of pottery...
the hubs said it probably came from The Titanic, I love this guy!


  1. I think that is a Titanic stretch of the imagination!

  2. Beautiful thoughts Debbie, and lovely photos.
    Your lovely man is a romantic isn't he.
    You've another lovely haul of sea glass too :D)

  3. Hello, I like your happy place too. Lovely views of the ocean. You have a nice collection of sea glass. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  4. So glad you live close to your happy place and can go often and find all the pretty glass.

  5. I need a dose of your happy place. So beautiful!


  6. Beautiful beach photos and what pretty sea glass!

  7. I totally agree there is just something about being at the water that gives me a feeling I don't get anywhere else, I miss living in Michigan where we are surrounded by great lakes.
    Always fun to find treasure!

  8. What a blessing to live close to your Happy Place! And what a bigger blessing to be married to such a wonderful guy! I love how y’all love each other.....

  9. Hello Dear Debbie!
    Your husband is very romantic.
    Ceramics are beautiful.

  10. Lovely views of the ocean! The little red piece of sea glass is so cute.
    The piece of pottery is certainly from Titanic...

  11. Beautiful scenes. Those sparkles are amazing.

  12. Wow, that's beautiful! I see why you love it. Nice sea glass!

  13. I can see why you like this most special place …
    Beautiful photographs.

    Love the sea glass too, very nice shapes, sizes and colours.

    All the best Jan

  14. Beautiful! There really is something special about spending time near the ocean. For me, I think it's a reminder of how small I am in the greater scheme of things - to stop stressing over little things, it will all be okay and the waves will come and go... Anyway - beautiful, mysterious, calm, and a little wild - that would be a wonderful way to be!

  15. It looks like a wonderful place. It would be fun to imagine all the places that sea glass came from.

  16. I never find beach glass! Lucky you!

  17. I love how the ocean gives you peace and various emotions. I haven’t been to a ocean for many years. We have been to some lakes and I feel the same when I am in the mountains and lakes.
    I love your collection of sea glass. Who knows you might find a real antique one from some mysterious place. I do love your husbands humor.
    Blessings and hugs for you two~

  18. Congrats on your Titanic piece (I would absolutely believe your sweet husband -- he would never lie would he?) Agree 100% about th ocean and am so glad you are able to visit your shore often and easily. I am still in correspondence with Typepad about the comment problem, thank you again for letting me know about it. Sure hope they can get it figured out. I've had the same message from two other friends and of course there may be others who don't take time to let me know. Dang I hate stuff like this.