Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Vinca's Are In!!!

I don't think we have ever planted our annuals this late.
And when I say "we" - that means "the hubs"
* hehehe *

Titan Summer Breeze Mix Vinca's
I like Vinca's because they are heat and water tolerant.

This is the before and after picture, in one.
The top third of the picture is what the garden looked like before the cleaning up/weeding began,
the bottom two thirds is how it looked after being prepped.

Don't tell anyone I let it get this bad.

The hubs, my jolly gardener...

making good progress...

he loves using his power tool/auger for this project.

Here's the mailbox garden all done...
the garden itself has grown over the years, but always looks pretty.
I ordered a new mailbox cover on Wednesday this past week,
it arrived on Thursday, shipping was free.
If you ever need a flag, doormat, mailbox cover, 
Flags R Us
is the place to shop. They have great sets so everything matches
and they are running a sale right now, 10% off your entire order, use the code summer10.

This garden is front, center of the front yard.
It's all cleaned up, weeded and the Vinca's are planted.
We gather together what's left of the daffodil foliage,
bend it over and secure it together with a rubber band.
It tidies things up and allows the foliage to die off naturally and nourish the bulb.

Mr. Frog is out...

New front door mat...

New flag...

and this new swing!
I purchased this swing when we were in Mystic, last year and the hubs never hung it.
I talked about it here on the blog but wanted to surprise you with a picture...
It needs to be adjusted, hanging lower - that requires a trip to Home Depot.

I planted the vegetable garden outdoors a few weeks ago and it is looking pretty shabby.

The hubs worked so hard in the yard last Sunday and yesterday,
many thanks, it's looking pretty lovely and you crossed everything off the list!!


  1. I love how bright and cheery your various accouterments are.

  2. Summer prep just about complete!

  3. Hello, I like the vinca's too. I hope the summer season last a while, it seemed like it was slow to arrive. I love your cute swing and the frog. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  4. This vincas are a colorful flower to put in the garden. I am late also with our planting. Your porch swing is a super addition to the porch. Now we need to see a photo of you in it :)

    1. That is also a pretty flag and froggy and doormat. I love your other decorative touches also.

  5. The only reason I don't want a garden like that is because I really can't stand bees around. Would make things nicer though to look at

  6. Yes, hubs did a wonderful job, it really is looking great.
    Love all the colours, just beautiful.

    All the best Jan

  7. Looks like you will have an ample supply of flowers to enjoy all summer.

  8. Beautiful summer yard -- every inch of it. And your jolly gardener is quite a good looking guy. Lady, you really do have it made ;>)). (Of course you are a wonderful photographer and memory maker, so I'm sure the gardener is pretty darn happy with you!)

  9. Oh my gosh...I love, love, love the swing. I posted one on facebook the other day saying I wanted to make was macrame!! This one is way to cute. Mr. Frog is adorable also. I love that you cover your mailbox. Mine is plain black cause I have yet to paint the new one upstairs. Yep, it is going to get a PAM ART paint job! haha....Great job and I will not tell too many folks that you waited this long to get the yard done....haha..Looks great.

  10. You have a very dedicated, hard-working hubby!

  11. It's all SO PRETTY!!---love it! I love the mailbox cover and was getting to ask where in the world do you find those pretty things---and then you told us! I think I will order. I love the flag too, so bright and colorful! Your mailbox garden is truly the prettiest one I've ever come across!

  12. Everything is blooming beautifully at your home, Debbie. Love all the flowers. What a cool letterbox....LOVE it! AND....that seat, how cool is that. The perfect place to sit and look at your pretty garden.

  13. Awe gees, he is one sweet hubs! It all looks just wonderful! Especially that first photo!

  14. Ooh you have a resident frog too - he's lovely! Such a pretty mailbox garden and what a hardworking Hubs ... He's a winner :D)

  15. Wow he was busy planting that many flowers, when it gets thick it will be just lovely! Love your flag and that frog is too cute, the doormat is so pretty, I would hate to walk on it :)

  16. Wow, your sweet hubby did a great job of planting. My husband did a few this year; but not as many as we would have liked. Next year we will be doing more yeard work since we won't be on a mission. I mailbox, flag and door mat are adorable. I think I will work on getting some new things too. Thanks for the link and the code for getting some new stuff. Loved this one! Blessings and hugs~

  17. LOVE all the colors! Good job, hubs ;)

  18. Vinca's are a great summer flower. Loving your new swing, so colorful. Also like the mat and the flag.