Thursday, June 22, 2017

Summer Blooms...Make Me Feel Fine!!

The Summer Flowers are starting to bloom...
many more are coming but here is a peek at what's blooming right now!!

The first three pictures are from my wildflower garden.
These are Sweet William

Next up, three pictures of the Spirea that line the walkway to the backyard.

There are two Hydrangea on either side of the fence,
by the gate, leading into the backyard.

The flowers are just starting to come on these.

Day lilies line the garden edges in the front yard.
I have a love/hate relationship with them...
the hate part has already begun...
as they already need deadheading and cleaning up.

This is the Endless Summer Hydrangea I showed you the other day,
I have three more getting ready to bloom!


  1. Beautiful, beautiful flowers. Sweet William are always pretty and your Spiria, it looks amazing. Hydrangeas are always a winner to me but I must say I am loving your yellow Day Lilies. Thank you for brightening my chilly wintry day!

  2. I like daylilies but not those yellow Stella D'Oro ones. I had them once, and I never want to have them again.

  3. Gorgeously gorgeous is how I'd describe those pretty flowers - in all their lovely shades. The lillies form a nice border but anything that needs regular cutting back would get on my wick too ;D)

  4. Hello, your blooms and gardens are looking beautiful. I love the row of spirea. The Sweet William is lovely pretty colors. Your hydrangeas are gorgeous too. Beautiful post. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and weekend ahead.

  5. Your Sweet Williams are wonderful. Everything looks so good. My poor Hydrangeas are toast.
    I love the line you used from Summer Breeze right?
    I can't hum it or it will be in my head all day.
    Stay cool Debbie.

  6. YOu have a wonderland, of beautiful gardens.

    Sooooooo lovely.......

    -happy sigh-

    You certainly have a "green thumb"... Lucky you!!!!!!

  7. Beautiful blooms, and especially cute is your frog that sits up high watching over everything! Very cute.

  8. Glorious summer blooms! Love them!

  9. Pink Spirea? I never knew!
    My daughter was here yesterday telling about the kind of Lilies she wants. She has been buying Day Lilies. "I want those kind like your neighbor has." So I got her to write down, "Stella De Oro" Liliies, like you have by the walkway. Hardy as can be as around here, they plant them in front of all business and along the boulevards.

  10. So beautiful! Someone definitely has a green thumb!

  11. Such beautiful gardens - so many pretty blooms! Looks like some hard work is paying off! xx Karen

  12. Your garden is looking lovely.
    Summer is such a great time to provide an explosion of different colour.
    Your Sweet William are amazing.

    All the best Jan

  13. You have some beautiful flowers!

  14. Beautiful flowers. Your yard must be a park like setting.

  15. Lots of very pretty flowers, The sweet williams are delightful.

  16. Thanks for your spectacular flower photos for more reasons that one. I love the Sweet William flowers. I showed them all to my hubby; so he can think about how to plant for next year. We have a back area that I would like him to do some plants this year. Oh, we need more time!
    You do have some marvelous landscaping and I enjoyed all the photos.
    Big hugs for you two~

  17. Oh Dear Debbie!
    I'm so glad you visited me. Some time ago I lost your address.
    I love you, your blog and wonderful pictures.
    Happy weekend for you and for Husband.
    Kisses and greetings.

  18. All these flowers bring a joy, even through the screen)) Very beautiful!

  19. Beautiful!! I agree with you about the day lilies, we have the same ones and they are quite a mess and a lot of work, my Iris are getting to thick again and need to be thinned, that is a chore too!

  20. Such a beautiful garden !!