Monday, June 26, 2017

Spending Time With Mike...

As you all know, for the past week we were in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 
visiting youngest son Mike and his girl Lila.
Mike had surgery on his right eye so we went down to help out.
I was so happy to be with them.
I brought some food I cooked at home and meal ideas for each night,

 a huge bag of games and a 1000 piece puzzle.

The procedure went well on Monday and he felt better each day!

In order to pass the time, there were some pretty competitive card games,

- War and Go Fish -

and this new to me game,
- Rack-O -
I fell in love with this game, I'll have to get one for myself.

There were many games of 
- Uno and Scattergories - Categories -

We let Mike win a lot, since he was the patient...
We're back home now - it was a great week - I enjoyed every moment with them.
It was so hard to say good-bye!


  1. Fun, games and healing! Great combination, Debbie.

  2. You combined a great time, with being of help. Very nice combination. :-)

    Mmmmm, I never played card games. Not even with children or grandchildren. I know, I am *terrible*... >,-)

    Best wishes for his being all better soon!!!!!

    Luna Crone

  3. Hello, I am glad your son has recovered from his eye surgery. The games look like fun, I have not played UNO in a long time.
    You are a wonderful Mom. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week!

  4. So nice you got to spend the week and happy that Mike's surgery went well.
    What a joyous time for all of you! We played a lot of Racko back in the day and Uno and Pinocle and Hearts, and Canasta and...and

  5. Hello Debbie!:)I'm so glad your son is recovering nicely after his surgery, looks like you had a great time.:)

  6. Hello Debbie!
    I wish my son a lot of health. It's nice to spend time with him.
    Greetings to you, husband and son:)

  7. It looks as if you had a wonderful stay.
    Sending good wishes to Mike, may his surgery on his right eye continue to heal well.

    All the best Jan

  8. How wonderful that you got to visit for a whole way, even though Mike had surgery. I am sure having Mom and Dad to help out was a real tonic. Wishing him the very best and a speedy recovery.

  9. Great time visiting with your son. So glad all went well with him. I used to put at least one or two puzzles during the winter. I started one this past yr for the first time in yrs and never finished it....too much other stuff to be doing I guess. UNO - we used to play this at home with the kids all the time but I also played it at work during lunch. Fun times. Hoping your son continues to improve with each passing day.

  10. Glad he's ok. I know all about eye surgery!

  11. I would need a quick review on racko.
    Coffee is on

  12. Old fashioned board games! I love it! This weekend Grandson Robert, his granddad and I all played Tri-Ominoes.
    I know you were happy to be close to your son as he recovered. Moms are like that.

  13. Sounds very considerate and pleasant too.

  14. How fun, I love Rack-O we had that game when we were kids. Glad to hear your son's operation went well and he was getting better every day! I know what you mean about having to say goodbye, the kids are moving the end of July and I am not looking forward to it!

  15. Nothing quite like your Mum to take care of you. Enjoy your time together :)

  16. I wish him well and a speedy recovery!

  17. Well done. Good ol' fashioned card games!
    We've played Sorry with the kids. Lotsa fun!

  18. Glad you were able to go, and that Mike is doing well.

    1. thanks patti, we were so happy to be with him, whatever the circumstances. he is doing really well and has gone back to work!!!