Thursday, April 20, 2017

Yarn Along - Knitting Update

I thought I would continue with Yarn Along on Wednesday's, 
posting knitting updates, even though Ginny is no longer hosting it.
I forgot to do it yesterday
 - And I don't really have much to report -

I am still working on washcloths for Christmas gifting.
The small ball of tan colored yarn will be the mate to the blue washcloth,
and I am going to felt some soap to go with each set of washcloths.

I had trouble finding more of the yarn I am using, 
Cascade Luna 100% cotton...
After much research,
I was happy to find more yarn at a new to me shop 
It was nice to visit the Yarn Shop and meet the owner Paige.
I found some tan yarn to go with the blue,

and these two greens I though looked really pretty together.

So...there's my knitting update, kinda' boring, but boring = fun and easy!!


Linda said...

I still think those washcloths are the best idea yet for gift giving! And I'm still wanting to make some! I have ONE friend who is a knitter and I'm going to ask her to teach me and get me started when we. Get together next month!

Marie Smith said...

Great idea for gifts. You keep busy!

Unknown said...

Your knitting is never boring, Debbie, and I think those greens are SO nice!

Pam said...

I have crocheted potholders but never knitted or crocheted wash clothes. Nice work, stitches look great. I have given my pot holders for gifts for years. People love them and they are great for putting hot plates on so the table will not ruin. Great job.

Lowcarb team member said...

Those two greens do go nicely together ...

All the best Jan

Sue (this n that) said...

Always beaut to see your knitting Debbie. You use gorgeous yarns and these are no exception :D)

Karen Lakis said...

So pretty - those will likely be the nicest washcloths that your gift recipients will ever have!

Sally said...

Not boring to me! I love the pretty colors, and I'm beginning to wonder if there's anything you "can't" do! Smarty britches. :)


Conniecrafter said...

so pretty, love that shade of blue.... you are so very smart to be working on gifts now instead of waiting to the last minute like I am usually doing.

LeAnn said...

Actually, I don't find it boring at all. If I lived near, I would have you teach me how to make these because I think they are perfect gifts. I like the green colors; they will make lovely wash cloths. Hugs~