Tuesday, April 11, 2017

More from Washington, D.C.

Today I am sharing more images from Washington, D.C... 
Wandering around the streets surrounding the Gaylord Resort where we stayed,
we stumbled upon some fun 
We missed a few of the statues that are shown in the link above.
We did however see...

Forever Marilyn
Please note Chuck's face - he is indeed a piece of work himself.

I was serenaded by Louis Armstrong

Embracing Peace - Last Kiss

Boats on the Harbor

Surprise Kiss

I took the next two pictures from the car with my iPad...

Trump International Hotel

This trip was so much fun.
One thing I would like to stress is that the Cherry Blossoms were gorgeous.
So many people said that they were negatively impacted by the late freezing temperatures.
But in my opinion, they were perfectly beautiful.


  1. Not as much fun as you two but I had fun looking at today's posting. :)

  2. Loved these photo's, especially those with the two of you in.
    Glad you thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

    All the best Jan

  3. Hello Debbie, you have fun wherever you go. I enjoyed the statues and photos. Cute shot of the kiss. Have a happy day!

  4. What a fun trip, Debbie. And, you two love birds.... my, my.

  5. Love all the pictures but especially liked the ones with the statues.

  6. How can you walk all over with only flip-flops?
    My feet, legs, back would be killing me with no supportive shoes!
    As usual, Chuck is A-DOOR-ABLE, but then, you're kind of cute yourself, so you make a perfect pair!!

  7. Wow, his reaction is wonderful, and all your photos are just incredible, I like that kiss, the love life and everything, well, not so much seeing the name Trump, I'm truly not a fan of him. But hey it's totally what's up in Washington right now. Thanks for this fun stroll with you both.

  8. Lots of fun things to see and do besides the traditional! You make it all feel like a "must see."

  9. What a wonderful time, Debbie!
    And I LOVE the "kiss" photo.
    It could not be more perfect.

  10. LOL! These made me laugh! Great photos!

  11. Oh i love these fun pictures!! My favorite is the re-creation of the war time's end couple kiss!! Ysmall did a great job at that!!! Ha ha ha lol

  12. You two ole love birds are such fun! Cool statues. Wonderful photos.

  13. I love all your poses with the sculptures! Looks like a great time!

  14. We lived in the area for years and D.C. is such a great place and the Cherry Blossoms really are a sight to see!!!

  15. Oh such great props to have pics made with! I love the one with Marilyn! And hubbys face is the BEST. That is awesome, thanks for sharing.

  16. Love to see you guys having so much fun!! Glad it was a special trip for you!

  17. Loved every photo! Especially the ones of you Love Birds!

  18. aw such great photos... you two are such wags :D) - I was real impressed with your Embracing Peace kiss

  19. Wow, so many wonderful photo's. Love these!


  20. Loved you & the hubs posing with the art work. You guys are so fun!