Monday, April 24, 2017

Longwood Gardens - Part III

More from Longwood Gardens
today we are heading back outdoors to view 
The tulips here look just like patchwork quilts...
keep in mind the brochure boosts that more than 240,000 tulips are on display.
If you missed any of the previous posts, Parts I and II can be found here and here.

This is a view of the legendary Main Fountain Garden.
Under construction for the past 2 years, it is scheduled to reopen on May 27th.
If you are interested in reading about this revitalization project, you can read about it here.
Back - right, The Bell Tower is in view. 
It has a very interesting story, you can read about the 62 Bell Carillon here.

Longwood Gardens is about 2 hours from home.
The hubs and I have annual passes and we try to visit each season, 
as the gardens are refurbished seasonally.
I feel so lucky to live so close to this beautiful garden,
no matter when you visit, the gardens will take your breath away!
But I must add that Spring is my favorite time to visit!


  1. Those beautiful blocks of colour would be hard to beat, that's for sure. Gorgeous! Great photos!

  2. Have I ever told you, tulips are my very favorite of all flowers? They are, and those are way beyond gorgeous! I'm always happy when you take us on these journey's with you and Chuck! :)


  3. Hello Debbie, Longwood Gardens is a nice day trip. The tulips are so pretty. They do resemble a patchwork quilt, lovely blocks of color. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing your visit. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and week ahead!

  4. Oh my goodness that fountain and all that surrounds it is very pretty, and all the flowers are incredible!

  5. Oh Debbie -- these tulip beds are so lovely I'm having trouble catching my breath! My gosh, I'd probably go into a swoon if I were there in person. Stunning photos of this beautiful garden....

  6. A visual feast, both inside and out.

  7. So lovely, it is so beautiful, dazzling.

  8. The gardens look delightful, so full of colour. The tulip display is stunning!!

  9. WOW....beautiful with all those colors! I love the way each color is in their own group. Oh my gosh, I was a crafter as a teen and if I had PINTEREST at that time I would never had time to live. I read and study a lot of things on the internet and I tell my mom that if I had that while in school I would have been the smartest kid around! Yep, my son grew up on those Turtles then they were gone....and back! I have sold several sets of the paintings. Matter of fact when I posted them a couple years ago on FB my son sent a message that he wanted them. I painted him a set for his 27 Bday!

  10. I don't think I've ever seen that many tulips, and they are all standing tall! Amazing!
    If I lived nearer it would certainly be on my list to visit.

    Lovely photo's on all of your Longwood Garden posts.

    All the best Janan

  11. Wow! That's a lot of flower candy! Somebody stays busy there...more likely several somebodies.

  12. This reminds me of our beautiful Holland,Michigan--on the west side of the State.
    My Tulips are blooming and each one seems special to me. Your photos make them feel close enough to pick and make a bouquet! LOL

  13. The tulips are breathtaking! I imagine the smell was wonderful, too. There were some dark burgundy ones that I saw at the botanical garden near me that smelled like chocolate!

  14. Oh my! I kept on thinking that if I were there,I would have a dilemma. With all those flowers, where would I begin taking pictures. Your photos are stunning.WOW!

  15. The blossoms shots are SOOOOOOOOO beautiful Debbie. I am taking amsall group to Amsterdam and one of the things we are doing is going to the bulb fields

  16. What a treat this post is. - So many gorgeous tulips. I loved it all & plan to share this post with my mom.

  17. I do love how they plant them in block pattern, it does give a quilted feel to it, those multi colored ones are just gorgeous, you don't see them all the time

  18. The photos of the tulip gardens are just spectacular. It does look like a quilt pattern. What a lovely place to visit. I liked reading about the revitalizing project and the bells. I imagine listening to the bells is a fantastic experience. Blessings and hugs~