Sunday, April 9, 2017

My Addie Girl

A week or so ago, my great niece Adelina had her Spring show at nursery school.
She and her sister Lorelei fill my heart with so much joy and love,
these moments for me are true treasures.

She is the cutie pie flower- in the green dress.

She spots me here and her face lights up.
We do have a very special relationship.

Nothing new here - she is 4 going on 40!

"Auntie Debbie - my dress twirls"

I don't know these children - but this was a photographers dream come true.
Three in a row - three different personalities...
Each face is priceless, each with their own expression...
I could not help but snap this picture.


  1. Absolutely precious!!! What song were they singing?

  2. Hello Debbie, you Addie is a beautiful little girl. She has the cutest face and expressions. I love all the kiddie photos. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  3. Little Addie is just adorable, Debbie, and that last photograph is indeed a photographer's dream shot.
    Just perfect.

  4. What a joy.
    Your Addie is adorable, a special moment in time, and the memories go on and on ...

    All the best Jan

  5. They are so adorable, and Addie is precious! I know you enjoy her so much as she does you also, Debbie. :)


  6. These pictures are so sweet. Such faces!!

  7. Little kids are so sweet! Headed out west to see ours later this week.

  8. I remember fond memories of that kind of stuff when I was in elem school. We had a mock circus where it more like a play/show. One of the teacher's son got to be the ring-master. Just like how the son of baseball coaches got to be a pitcher. It's all rigged!

  9. Your Addie Girl is just precious!!! You can tell she has a big personality!! That last photo - so special!!!!

  10. Oh, how cute! And then they grow up! LOL!

  11. Oh these photos are so adorable of that sweet Addie. You can see she has personality plus. I now think you should fill a book of photos of children. You have such a talent of capturing the moment. Blessings and hugs!

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    1. i did not have permission. do people really become offended over something like that?? i think when your children are in a public forum and people are taking pictures, it happens, it's innocent. i'm sure my niece was in other peoples pictures as well!

  13. aww, i love those faces, those dresses. so so cute!! what fun times. ( ;

  14. She is adorable, don't you just love when they are looking out in the audience and they see you, it is the best ever :)
    The last picture was a cute catch of the 3 different kids :)

  15. Goodness, she is adorable. All of the children are, and your photos are great how they captured all the emotions and expressions it's almost as good as being right there seeing it live!

  16. So sweet! And my girls would have loved that twirly dress about 25 years ago - nah, who am I kidding, they'd still love it (hehe)

  17. I can see the delight in her eyes as she sees you - that's so special isn't it. Well done Auntie Debbie :D) xx

  18. Addie is adorable! That last shot was super cute.