Sunday, December 18, 2016

What I'm Crushing On

This post was created so I could tell you of a recent item I purchased and have fallen in love with.

automatic room vacuuming system.
I am NOT going to go on and on about this baby...
it was on sale for $ 274.00, the regular price is $ 374.00,
it is amazing - really it is!
This is an action shot - it goes around everything, up and down throw rugs
- has not gotten stuck once -
It finds and picks up everything and is able to detect stairs.
You read that right, when it comes to a set of stairs, it backs itself up. No toppling.
It works - really it does, I am just as surprised as you are!

I love Pinterest and these labels I found there.
Good for any handcrafted gift - they are cute and free.
Is there anything better than cute and free?
If you have some handmade gifts that need a tag, 
you can download and print them here for free.

 Next up, Applebee's Shorty Shake. 
A salted, vanilla, caramel shake.
Is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen?
Around 2 buck-a-roos, it may be short, 
but it comes up big in flavor.

Single digits on the Snowman countdown chalkboard.

The Winter Bucket List - 6 down - 15 to go.

And the little dusting of snow that fell the night before last,
it sure was pretty and no cleanup was required!!

It's one week until Christmas day and I am pretty excited about that.
The only thing that has me more excited is that my youngest son Mike, will be here on Wednesday,

He'll be "home" for the Holiday!


  1. Hello, the vacuum sounds great. I think my son recently bought one too. Love the decoration and the snow covered hydrangea? We have been walking around our Florida neighborhood looking at the xmas lights. Very pretty. Have a happy day! Merry Christmas to you and yours.!

  2. With all my dog hair...I should consider a roomba

  3. Great photos and ideas.

    Merry Christmas. May all your wishes come true.

  4. I'd like one but they're so darn expensive

  5. I've often wondered how well those things would work. I'm surprised they do so well.

  6. Hello Debbie!:) Your new Robot Vacuum cleaner seems like just the job to pick up all those glittery things that fall from the tree and seem to stick everywhere. You got a real bargain there! Neat labels, a cheery Santa, and the shake looks delicious. I'm counting down to Christmas too, and will be taking a break as from tomorrow. See you in the New Year, and a very Happy Christmas to you and your family.:)

  7. I had been wondering about the Roomba, Debbie. Wish I could find one on sale. It sure wouldn't take that thing long to clean my apartment floors. I am loving that idea.

  8. I have friends with that vacuum and they love it. Glad to hear it is working out for you.

  9. It's the week I look forward to most. And I need some tags so I'm glad you mentioned printing some off! Merry Christmas sweet lady! Hugs, Diane

  10. Eek!!!
    Single digits on the Snowman countdown chalkboard!!!

    How brilliant that Mike will be home on Wednesday.

    All the best Jan

  11. I love your seasonal be cket lists. I bet they mean you do a lot more than you otherwise would.

  12. Well done Debbie - a great bargain on the Roomba! Cute labels from Pinterest too. Love your outside ice on the hydrangeas photo, quite stunning, and your indoor snowman looks quite at home. A busy bucket list there too. Have fun :D)

  13. Snow man looks cute. I liked the last pic too...

  14. I've been seeing this advertised quite a bit on television, Debbie, and the first thing my husband said was, "Can you imagine how much fun Ziggy (our little poodle) would have with this??
    My thought? Can you imagine how much fun IT would have with Ziggy??? It would be a riot, for sure. :-)

    I love your photos here, especially the hydrangea. So pretty.
    And I'm thinking that that Applebee's goodie, is going to be in my future real soon.

  15. A very merry Christmas to you and your ones.

  16. ¸.•*¨*•♪♫♫♪Merry Christmas ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

  17. Aww! Love the Santa blackboard! How cute!
    Great to create a bucket list!

  18. hmmm that Robot sister swears by her's too and she is not a it must work good:)...... I just love all your pretty pictures.... something I just can't seem to do is take good pictures...and wow only 6 days until Christmas....

  19. That was all fun and I want to go to Applebeescthis very minute. Yummm. Merry Christmas to you and your sweet hubby. And I'm glad your son will be there... the perfect gift!

  20. I've been back and forth about the roomba vac,SOmetimes I think I want one and then I decide that I don't.One of these I will make a final decision.I'm glad you like it.

  21. I've always wondered just how good the Roombas are...nice to hear positive things about it from a trustworthy source! With pets, one spends a significant amount of time vacuuming.

  22. I saw a review on that vacuum, it would be neat but my luck it would trip me and I would break my neck, LOL! I so love your countdown snowman, so adorable! The tags are so perfect for your homemade knitted projects, great find! So happy for you to have your son for Christmas, this year the kids go to her in laws since we had them for Thanksgiving. But will get together when they get back to celebrate with them

  23. I reallly love the Vacuum. I want one! The tags are perfect and I will look into that. Your bucket list is awesome and I hope you can finish them all. You two do have an adventurous life. Loved it all! Hugs~

  24. I'm going to try and catch up with you using this little phone. So glad your son was going to be with yall.

  25. I'm going to try and catch up with you using this little phone. So glad your son was going to be with yall.