Sunday, December 11, 2016

How Does Your Garden Grow...

It feels a little odd writing that title, mid Winter,
when you live in New Jersey and the thermometer currently reads 28 degrees.
But if you follow my blog, 
you know me and you know I love to grow things...
- anything -

Back on November 3rd I started my indoor herb garden for the Winter,

Dill, Parsley & Basil 
and after just 5 weeks it is growing nicely.
I also have another Basil plant you can see behind the basket, that is growing well too.

I read on Pinterest that you can re-grow scallions
if you save about 1 inch of the white rooted ends and put them in water.
I put mine in a souvenir wine glass, you can see the water line
and they are growing beautifully.
I hope to have a lifetime supply of scallions because...
well I don't really know why -
I guess because I love to grow things!

My Cyclamen is also doing really well.
I have had this plant for at least 10 years, when it blooms it blooms purple.
It's not in bloom right now, but the leaves are plentiful and looking very healthy.

I don't want to talk about my new Orchid because that is not doing well.
Fingers crossed for a re-birth!

So - what are you guys growing this Winter?


  1. Nice indoor green thumb Debbie. At my house we are preserving flowering plants that can't take the winter cold.

  2. Hello, I wished I had your green thumb. Your herbs look great and the Cyclamen is pretty. No indoor plants for us. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  3. I like the ring and basil Debbie. And do not worry the orchid will be fine.
    I do not have a greenhouse, and I do not plant anything in winter, it freezes, everything
    Good Sunday.

  4. ah my mom used to grow lots of all these you showed here dear.
    in winter we are growing lots of seasonal flower here .
    due to my skin allergy i am only enjoying the view of my gardens these days .
    my hubby planted lots of plants and seeds for the current season

  5. Awesome. Your cyclamen have 10 years?
    My bloom only 3 months.
    I have a winter herb garden. Growing in pots: basil, thyme, rosemary, parsley.
    Happy, nice week.
    Kisses and greetings.

  6. I don't usually grow anything inside over the winter, because I have too many......orchids, taking up almost all available windowsill space.
    Debbie, at this time of year, the biggest "enemy" of orchids, is overwatering. If it looks like you are really going to lose this plant, knock it out of the pot, gently clean off the potting medium from the roots, hang it somewhere, where it will get some diffused light, and mist it (roots and leaves) every couple of days. Once it starts looking healthier, you can repot it. Don't use soil. Use orchid bark. I hope this helps, my friend.
    Happy Sunday to you!

  7. Uh oh, I lied!!
    I do have paper whites blooming now.
    They are squeezed in between some of the orchids! :-)

  8. You have a green thumb! I have a few houseplants, some are doing well - some, not so much. I have no idea what I'm doing... I keep wanting to try the indoor herb garden, I guess I just need to get to it. A lifetime supply of scallions sounds good for any reason!

  9. Your herbs look great Debbie, and a good idea to grow your own scallions too!
    You seem to have green fingers ... as the saying goes!

    All the best Jan

  10. You do seem to have a green thumb. Glad to see you are giving plants a new life. I've been rooting some philodendron from a plant that belonged to my mom. I'm going to make a pot for my daughter.

  11. Everything seems to flourish under your care.I uses to have a green thumb, but now I'm lucky if I can keep a purchased plant alive.Right now I have two Amaryllis shooting up flower spikes, so hopefully they will give me some color.

  12. I don't do anything summer or winter

  13. I have paperwhites and amyrillus good to go.

  14. You know I can't answer that last question because I am terminally lazy...and my houses are really really small. But I used to grow herbs indoors and start stuff for the outdoor garden (a little later in the winter). I love the scallion shoots growing in the wine glass.

  15. I did not have any luck growing Cyclamen!

  16. The herbs look great. I had tomatoes at this time last year. They actually did great.

  17. I have 7 plants in my house right now, I have not had luck with all of them but I have found some that are doing quite well. When we bought our house the couple that owned it before us left me their plant that was about 3 feet tall and is now about 5 feet now. Love the pattern in the leaves on your Cyclamen plant. Good luck with your Orchid :)

  18. Love your herb garden!! We have begonias,(red)geraniums,(hot pink) sweet "tater" vines, boston ferns, four 0'clocks,(many colors) dianthus (pink ones) (spelled wrong maybe?) and moonflowers all thriving and/or blooming.The azaleas and camellias are also in full bloom. Hubby watered this weekend, but then today we did get a little rain. Your cyclamen looks very healthy and happy!! I've never grown those, but maybe soon!

  19. Your plants are growing so well. The Cyclamen plant is beautiful. My basil plants were infested with pest!

  20. Suddenly I feel so much warmer just having visited here!

  21. So cool....well I'm not growing anything...except my Kombucha hehe!! I did buy a basil plant here to use:)

  22. I do have one Basil plant; this is really good for me. You do inspire me however, so maybe next year I will try it.
    I loved how your plants are doing so well. Blessings for you dear friend~