Sunday, December 4, 2016

Let's Light the Tree - Part II

Christmas Tree Lightings are a big deal here at the Jersey Shore.
Each town does it up - some are better than others.
And although this is another town in which we do not reside, 
we visit Long Branch often and we always have the best time.
Another seashore community, located right on the ocean,
we have been coming to the Long Branch tree lighting for many years,
this is a "don't miss" on the winter bucket list.

We visited on November 18th, just to see the tree - take pictures and have dinner of course.
Long Branch has the best restaurants - it's always hard to choose where we want to eat.

We came back on November 27th, for the tree lighting ceremony!!

There was lots of music, this adult band played and
we were also entertained by the local high school band.

The town created this man made ice skating rink which opened tonight 
and will remain open until January 2nd.
There was a small parade, a train ride and some "characters" for the kids.
I am getting so old, I do not even know who they were.

There is no mistaking Santa though, we did spent a little time with the big guy...

The area is decorated so beautifully
and many thanks to the little guy who took this great picture for us.


  1. I'm so glad to see you all so happy, Debbie. I also wish you a good Christmas. Cute photos.

  2. Hello, Debbie! The tree and decorations are pretty. What a nice looking Santa. Love the photos with you and your hubby! Happy Sunday, enjoy your week ahead!

  3. Hi Debbie, I love tree lightings too! Love these fun pictures, what a lovely display in that one, with all the pretty blue wrapped packages. The ice skating looks like fun. I've only done that a time or two in my life, back when I was young. I wasnt very good at it, but back in my growing up days we were ALL QUITE GOOD at roller skating, that was our "big entertainment" back then. We all loved it. We went as groups, with girlfriends, with our families, and with Girl Scouts to earn the badge. It was fun and safe and good for the activity and a good exercise too. Funny how you said you dont' "know the characters" much anymore---I am so glad I am not the only one, LOL---as I don't know them either. I recognize "some" of the Frozen girls, Anna and Elsa, only because we have a little granddaughter who filled us in, ha ha LOL So many of those Disney characters and movies I just dont know.Back in our day we had Mickey Mouse, Goofy,Tinkerbell, Pink Panther (remember the cool theme song?) and Roadrunner. The big movie was Mary Poppins, LOL Oh, and the Jungle Book.

  4. Fun! The tree display is so pretty - and I like the way it's also tied with Chanukkah with the menorah in the background and pretty blues and silvers on the packages. I hope you were able to get in a good word with Santa. We never go to tree lightings - I wonder if there are any good ones in our area... You're making me wish I was there!

  5. I like small town celebrations! It looks like that do it right, too! I have to say I'm not accustomed to seeing you so bundled up! LOL

  6. Looks like you had a great time. Nice photo with Santa!

  7. What a lovely scene. You got some great photos. It's always exciting to see the lighting of the tree and Santa from year to year.

  8. Wow! America certainly knows how to do Christmas!! Gorgeous photos!!

  9. We have a man made ice skating rink here too but I never go. I don't know why for sure

  10. Great pictures of you both with Santa and the Snowman.
    Looks like a fun time was had.

    All the best Jan

  11. Christmas lights brighten up the cold evenings. I can't believe I'm so far behind again. Tis the season to be busy!

  12. Wow there's a bit of difference in your outfits between the early november photo and the last ones. Quite a change!

    I love this tradition and love seeing the two of you having so much fun. makes me smile.

  13. Hello Debbie!:) Makes me smile too!:) What a fun celebration, and wonderful photos. You both look so happy, and I love the one of you with Father Christmas.

  14. so great that you are getting out and enjoying all the fun festivities offered in the area. I like how the one pics you guys look like your lightly dressed and then end with you all bundled up :)

  15. It all looks like a lot of fun. Lovely photos of you :-)

  16. You two are amazing and visit such fun places. I loved all of the decorations that you took pictures of. Of course, my favorite are of the two of you and especially the one of my favorite, Santa.
    I have missed not reading these; so I just had to catch up tonight. I miss you dear friend and love to read what you are up too.