Saturday, December 31, 2016

Saturday Critters ~ 159 ~

This time of year I spend a lot of time sitting at my computer.
Going through pictures and painfully deleting what I can,
- without crying -
trying to free up some space on my beloved Mac.

I know all about backing up the computer - I have a hard drive...
but somehow I can't get it though my head 
that it is o.k. to remove the pictures from my immediate sight.
To convince myself that they are not lost once they leave the computer.
It's a problem, I know, 
because not only are my pictures on the computer, 
they are all saved to a hard drive and they are also all on memory cards.
That's right, I never photograph over on the memory cards
so they are all there as well.

So while going through this painful process, 
I decided to share "some" of my favorites from the first half of 2016.

That's half of my favorites...this picture was taken on June 30th 2016!
I didn't really pick the best images, these are my favorites.

Do you guys have a favorite from all that I shared,
I would love to know which one you picked!

Sharing today's images with 
Eileen at Viewing Nature With Eileen 


  1. Some fine pics here. Gotta love the birds and the last photo. I have never heard of anyone filling up and keeping their memory cards. I generally back up photos once a week onto an external hard drive. I also have photos to almost the end of 2015 backed up on another drive.

  2. Love the first one and the flower ones with the green centers and the red plant. Thanks for sharing and have a Happy New Year!!

  3. Oh Debbie, it is almost impossible to pick just one.
    Each in its own way is just wonderful.
    But, ok, I am going to have to go with the newly hatched birds, and the sunset.
    Thank you for sharing these here. It was truly so enjoyable looking through them.

  4. Thank you for such a lovely photo view on this last day of the year. It's been a wonderful year of blogging and friendship and learning to, as you always have a way of showing something new and tasty or artsy that I must try! Happy New Year Debbie!

  5. My favorite? Actually it's hard to pick just one--I like the frozen lake and the Hydrangeas best.

  6. Such amazing photos! A wonderful year! I think the snow-covered branch, and the dogwood bloom are my favorites, but they are all wonderful!

  7. Great photos of the birds that are familiar to me. I love hearing their songs in the early morning. Happy New Year

  8. Hello, Debbie! It is too hard to pick a favorite, You know I just love all the birds. The sunset shots are just gorgeous. The snowy heart is close to being a favorite. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post throughout the past year. Have a happy weekend! I wish you and your family all the best in 2017, Happy New Year!

  9. Fantastic photos! You were busy this year! The colors in the first one are beautiful and I love the titmouse and heron! Very nice! Happy New Year!

  10. My faves are the female cardinals. They melt my heart! Here's to a wonderful, life-filled 2017 for you and yours.

  11. Just beautiful Debbie! It would be really hard for me to pick. I was thinking do you ever think about doing a calendar? They are all incredible. It was nice to look back at them and remember.

  12. Oh Debbie, it was just so glorious watching the seasons change as I scrolled through all your photos. A lot of smiles there, the beautiful swan on her nest and I must go through your posts and find out about that bright turqouoise egg with fluffy babies of some kind... so, so gorgeous. An incredible way to start this new year, thank you so much.
    btw I have a backing-up of back-up system going here... whatever gives you peace of mind I say! A new year filled with happiness and love is my wish for you :D) hugs xx

  13. My favorite is the robin in the dog wood tree. I truly like them all, it was great seeing the cardinals and blue jay as we don't have them in the NW. You truly do a fabulous job. And-------I feel the same way-----Me thinks the photos are gone if you take them off your computer.

  14. I can't possibly pick a favourite.This post was tailor made for me.Birds and flowers, some of my favourite subjects.Happy New Year.

  15. these pictures are just incredible! they're so lovely!
    i hope you have a blessed new year!!

  16. Those are all very nice favourites for the year! I'd pick the sunset.

  17. Oh my gosh this must be a New Year's gift for me. I love them all! They are spectacular photos. This is beyond awesome!
    Have a wonderful New Year Day and Year. I am looking forward to more of your beautiful blog. Have a blessed day! Hugs~

  18. Such pretty birds, happy new year

  19. Such amazing photos.
    I just changed from iPhotos to photos and lost a lot. We use up a lot of bandwidth and I have to watch we do go over our monthly quota!!!

  20. Amazing photographs, they are all so good.
    I think my favourites are the blue/white Iris flowers, but they are all a joy to look at

    All the best Jan

  21. Marvelous pictures, Debbie! Don't you love it when a bird lets you capture it's expression? So sweet!