Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Birdhouse

I love birdhouses, I really do...but I'm not sure there is a bird
in my yard who will use one.

Every year, the yard is filled with nests, 
but never a nest in one of my beautiful, deluxe birdhouses.
And I just keep buying them.
They add color to the yard,
and unlike flowers, they don't have to be watered. 

Most of my birdhouses come from this cute little shop,
Wild Birds, Seeds and Such
You can read my post about the shop here

and the day I found this amazing birdhouse 
while shopping with my sister.

The hubs read my secret message in 
this entry 
and it was my surprise gift on our anniversary.

 The roof has amazing details,

and I love that it is signed by the artist, "Rolf".

 The following message was on a card,
attached to the birdhouse...
"Rolf Eric Holmquist is a Swedish born artist currently living
and working in his log cabin home and studio
located high in the beautiful mountains
of rural western North Carolina.

"His passion for capturing the aged structures
and rustic landmarks of his beloved Appalachian mountain home
can be observed in many of his recent works.
It is the genuine and sincere wish of the artist,
that you will admire this work of art
for many years to come.
That it will bring you as much pleasure and enjoyment
as it has brought to him in it's creation!!

Many thanks to the hubs for my "surprise"
I hope the birds love it as much as I do!


  1. I love birdhouses too, and like you, no birds nest in them. What I don't get is that my friend down the street gets nests in hers every year. I'm beginning to take it personally. ;-)

  2. Hello Debbie, what a lovely anniversary gift. I love the birdhouses, they are like yard art. I think it is great to have them all around the yard, they look pretty. I have a crazy wren that builds a nest in every one of my boxes and then only uses one of them. Have a happy Sunday and new week ahead!

  3. Now that is a great the birdhouse.

  4. Such a pretty one! And, a great anniversary gift. :)


  5. I'm with you Debbie, I have many lovely birdhouses and no bird has ever used them. Love your adorable birdhouse and what a lovely treasure for the yard.

    Hugs diane

  6. Hi Debbie. I absolutely LOVE your lovely birdhouse - very quaint and beautiful!! Have a great weekend, Mona. (Now you have my name, hee hee).

  7. Whether the birds decide to live in the house or not, they are bound to notice that it is real art. That's a great surprise! Lucky you!

  8. Oh, I really need some pretty birdhouses to decorate my garden! I'll be keeping my eye out for one! Happy anniversary!

  9. it's really cute, used or decorative. :)

  10. I love that birdhouse! I can see why you wanted it so bad. It is unique and totally cool.
    I am so glad Chuck saw your secret message. :)

  11. I can tell that this gift is one to treasure. You took lovely photos of it and I admire the artist's work.
    Blessings and hugs!

  12. That is so cool and love the tag that came with it, you know he enjoys his work if he took the time to have those printed up and attached! I had one bird feeder like that out back and one year the bees over took it from the birds the poor things they had quite the hive inside

  13. It's a super cool looking birdhouse, I hope the birds will build a nest in it for you. Your hubby is such a great guy.

  14. That's awesome! Great birdhouse and gift!

  15. That is just the coolest! I like all the little adorning pieces built on it. What a neat little surprise for hubby!