Sunday, July 26, 2015

Family...The Bigger Picture!!

All the family came up from Florida last weekend,
and we had a family reunion of sorts.
Celebrating Addie's birthday and the love of family,
it was awesome to all be together again.

Not everyone was able to attend, but most of us were together.
Chuck's dad lives in Florida and he had three children
with his second wife, all of whom live in Florida.
Everyone came up, kids in tow,
those three have five of their own...
and when we are together, it's like we are together all the time.

Tyler, Mallory
Addie, Anthony, Timothy and Katie

 a little pushing fun...

with great success!!

 Mallory is such a good sport and what a sweetie!!

 This is Timothy, with a capital "T" for trouble!!



Anthony, Addie and Timothy

Addie's cupcake, birthday cake!!

 The Gang

Mallory wanted silly faces but not everyone got the memo!!

Last shot of all of us, it was such a fun day!!
Love you all!!


  1. What a wonderful get-together of family Debbie. All those smiling faces have me smiling.

  2. There is nothing better than family.

  3. Good morning, Debbie! Wow, what a big family. I am sure Addie had a great birthday and it was a fun family reunion! I love the last three shots and all the kiddie photos. Happy Sunday!

  4. That's quite the gang! Reminds me of my childhood! Glad everyone had fun!


  5. Parabéns!!! Uma linda família!

    Boa semana!!!
    Beijinhos.ჱه° ·.
    ❤˚° ·.

  6. Oh LOVE the shots of the gang that is truly special when family can get all together. Happy Birthday Addie. Hug B

  7. How absolutely wonderful! Such a nice, big family. Sure makes me miss our family reunions too.

    The children are so adorable. Nothing better than getting together with cousins. :)


  8. I miss the days when we celebrated summer with family reunions. This looks like great fun and wonderful memories.

  9. I'm glad everything went well. It looks like a great family get-together! Such cute little kids!

  10. Great team !! Fantastic photo session !!
    Happy Sunday !

  11. Great photos of Family Fun!!! I loved 'meeting' everyone! I found you and yours in the big family photo!!!

  12. Schöne Sache so ein Familientreffen und die kleinen sind besonders Wichtig.


  13. Looks like a great crew!!!!!!

  14. What fun!!! It looks like you had a nice time. What a great group to have all together Debbie!

  15. How joyful! Simply joyful! We seldom all get together. I have not seen my son, who lives 90km away in Ottawa, since the wedding in Vancouver last year! Such is life. That said, we did have grandkids for a joyful week!

  16. Isn't it wonderful getting together with all the family, we try to all get together at least once a year since we all live all over the place, glad you had such a great time and looks like the weather cooperated too, a great plus!!

  17. Wow, now this is a cool family fun time and gathering!

    1. I must say that the pictures of the children are just fantastic. You got some great shots. Of course, I love kids and I love it when you can read their personality in the pictures. I am getting pretty good at that since I have so many. It is always fun when the cousins get together.
      You really did have quite the group to entertain and it looked like a lot of fun. Yes, when we take pictures we have to have the goofy ones too.
      Loved see the family! Blessings and hugs!