Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Having Fun & Getting it Done!!

We just returned from a little vacation in Hershey Pa.
Three days, two nights...that's the perfect amount of time to be away.

Hershey is about 2.5 hours from home...and it really is the 
"sweetest place on earth"!!

And may I just add,
that everywhere you go, the smell of chocolate is wafting through the air.

Hershey was on the "Summer Bucket List"
so it was a "we must do".
Let's take a look at that list and see what we have been busy checking off! 

Nine down, lot's to go...we better get busy!
But definitely not today, today I am exhausted.

 Right before we left, 

with the yarn I purchased hereI started a new knitting project.

 You may recognize this pattern,
yes...I am knitting another Guernsey Wrap!

I love the yarn, I love the color, I love everything about it!

I wasn't sure if I would continue knitting during the summer,
it's kinda' like a "winter sport"!!

But I am, and I am loving it.
What crafts are all my blogging friends working on??
Or do you just stay busy in the garden??

And it's not to late to print your own Summer Bucket List,
the free link can be found here.

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  1. Wow you have got so much done on your list. I love the wrap too. I thought I would try to keep hooking rugs this summer, but after I finish this one I am working on I think I will have to stop. It is just too hot.
    I have lots of counted cross stitch projects and that is so much cooler.
    I hope you get to rest today Debbie. It is always so nice to get back home. I bet it is wonderful to smell all of the chocolate. But did you eat any? Have a nice day.

  2. You say, awaft of chocolate everywhere? I'll .be over. Love you knitting, I think knotting can be done anytimeo of the year

  3. Funny -- my daughter and SIL wanted to take the little boys to Hershey last weekend. They decided it would be too crowded, so they'll save it for another day. Did you ever try knitting in cotton? It's not as warm as wool. Hooray for you with that bucket list!

  4. Oh my, smelling chocolate everywhere you go would be simply divine! Hugs to you, Debbie!

  5. OH! Were you on the Knitting Squad in High School??? JV or Varsity? You could maybe try out for Power Knitting the Olympic Sport. I mean, if Curling (a kind of sweeping on ice) is in the Olympics, I'm sure knitting is -or should be! And You can be Team Captain!
    :) m & jb who enjoys the sport of Power Tangling through the furniture legs

  6. I went to school in Hershey, and I can definitely attest to the smell of chocolate everywhere!! I'm glad you're having a great summer.

  7. Oh my sounds like a wonderful place to escape to, and chocolate is just a bonus right!

  8. Congratulations! You're doing quite well on your list, actually!

  9. That's a great bucket list there Debbie. So many fun things you've done and planned to do.

  10. I never thought of a summer bucket list but it sounds good to me what you planned on your summer list. I can see why your knitting another gorgeous guernsey wrap, the first one turned out to be a beauty. I don't craft but I do spend many of days at my aunts, a secluded little place on the sound with a pier where I take my 2 pekingese pups fishing & crabbing.

    1. karen, it's awesome when you have a free day and are contemplating what to do. many of the items are just day or half day trips. fun things to do so you don't end up wasting the day. unless of course you want to, every so often you need a wasted/rest day!! just not too often!!!

  11. Ooohhh I can smell that chocolate! Glad you got away, and one more thing on the list done. I believe you guys have so much fun!

    I love the color of that yarn. So pretty. :)


  12. Oh gosh I would have thought I had died and gone to Heaven if I was in Hershey land smelling chocolate. We had a little three day away moment to. We left again this afternoon to go to Idaho for one of our Granddaughter's softball games tomorrow.
    You do have an ambitious bucket list; fun for you all! Maybe, I will do one when my husband retires.
    I do love your knitting projects; you are doing great work.
    Continued blessings and hugs!

  13. Debbie, your summer bucket list is fun. Looks like a lot of fun things to do and great places to go. Did you go to the Hershey Butterfly house? I love Hershey Kisses, YUM! I love your pretty wrap..have a happy day!

  14. Hello Debbie! I am trying to feel that warmth you talk about, but here in Cornwall UK, we have more rain; the high winds of the last few days have dropped, but it's so grey everywhere. Summer seems to have arrived in other areas of the UK, but little Cornwall on the westerly shore seems to be catching the tail end of the storms and bad weather circling in from the sea.
    I think I could make good use of your beautiful Guernsey Wrap!
    I find it impossible to knit during the summer, as my hands get rough from all the gardening! I know, I know - I should wear gloves all the time. I start off with gloves on, then remove them to do fiddly things and somehow never put them back on. So if I handle wool, it pulls the yarn and 'fluffs' it.
    But in the winter, the garden has a rest and so do my hands, so knitting is once more on the agenda.

  15. I'm impressed that you have completed so many things on your list already! You must never be home. ;))

  16. We also went to Hershey while we lived in NJ, we were surprised how you could smell the chocolate :) You are coming right along on your project and that yarn is so pretty. I have been working on a cross - stitch for my nephew and his fiance for the wedding present but they postponed the wedding so I haven't been working on it is fast, cardmaking keeps me quite busy all year around :)