Saturday, July 11, 2015

Saturday Critters ~ 82 ~

Another part of our Hershey experience was spending
a half day at


I love animals, but I always have mixed emotions about visiting a zoo.
Seeing wild animals in captivity always tugs at my heart strings 
just a little...but I try to focus on the fact that they
are well fed and well cared for.

Hershey provides much of the food for the zoo,
from leftover food in the restaurants. 
In addition, meat and produce that does not meet the hotels
standard of quality to be served in the restaurant
is given to the zoo to feed the animals.
That made me happy.

So let's get this show started, 
you should recognize all these guys...

oooooh and this is a picture overload, so scroll quickly!

 This Roadrunner, carrying his lunch, was hysterical!
He was so quick running around and he never ate the mouse.
Maybe he was saving it for someone special.

 Another Roadrunner, watching the show!!

  The Prairie Dogs were so adorable and made the cutest little sound!!



 This is a Snowy Owl hiding behind the tree.
We waited a long time for it to come out, but it never did,
I would have loved to have seen him, I have never seen one before.

 Seeing the Bald Eagles was the highlight of the day.
They are incredibly majestic, beautiful,
and really awe inspiring.

 This mural at the exit was wonderful.
Local children's drawings of the animals, transferred onto tiles
and combined to make this stunning piece of art.

 I always try to finish my post with one picture of the hubs and I...
Chuck took all the pictures today,
so I could just run around and enjoy the animals.

Come to think of it, there was no running involved,
but we sure did have a wonderful day!!

Sharing images taken at Zoo America in Hershey, Pa. with
Eileen at Viewing Nature With Eileen
Anni at I'd Rather Be Birding

July 6, 2015


  1. Those eagle close ups are amazing! And you're so good to always include a cute couple shot!!

  2. Good morning, Debbie. I feel the same way about zoo's. I try to think they are saving some of these critters from extinction. The Roadrunners and the Eagles are my favorites. I like the cute Prairie Dogs too. Sorry the Snowy Owl did not come from hiding. Cute shot of you and your hubby! Looks like a great time!
    Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  3. Although I'm not a big fan of zoos, it does allow us humans to see close up animals we might never see otherwise. And may zoos now house rescue animals, ones that could not survive on their own in the wild...or so they say.

  4. I agree, a great way to get close to many wild species. Just love the Roadrunner photos.

  5. chuck did a marvelous job. :) love the goofy roadie. they're so quirky. :) some good looking inhabitants at that zoo.

  6. All youor images are wonderful however I just loved the series of the Roadrunner. Havve a lovely weekend

  7. I've never seen a prairie dog! Wow. Hub's got some great pics, and of course I love
    seeing the two of you. :)


  8. Hope that you are not the someone special.

  9. Well, we can rest easy now knowing that if we ever eat at the restaurant at Hershey Park, we will be served only the Highest Quality Mouse!
    :) m & jb !!!!!

  10. We always ended our Hershey visits with the zoo. I'm like you -- I hate to see animals penned up, but I also realize that they are well cared for. The hubby took some great shots, and I love the two little critters at the end!

  11. Oh goodness, what a fun time, great captures, I almost feel like i was there too! Your first shots are just adorable, as he/she is showing off such a tasty catch of the day! So proud! I love it.

  12. What a wonderful zoo! Love all the great photos!

  13. Maybe Mr. or Mrs. Roadrunner was showing off for the crowd?!

  14. Beautiful animal pictures. We see lots of Roadrunners at the ranch here in south Texas but I never get a shot at them with my cheapie camera.

  15. Thank your dear husband for the great shots today. I loved them all. I especially enjoyed the close ups of the bald Eagles. They are magnificent birds. The Prairie dogs wee adorable. I don't know what to think about the Roadrunner; quite the picture.
    Blessings and hugs!

  16. The Roadrunners are great looking birds.

  17. Don't like zoos ~ but you got beautiful photos!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  18. Nice photos! I don't think I've seen an eagle at a zoo. There are many here, near the rivers, and I am in awe ofl their beauty. Aren't those prairie dogs cute! I think I feel a bit like you do about zoos.

  19. This is really fun! Our cats tenderize mice before they eat them, maybe that's what road runner was doing!

  20. Fantastic photos! The roadrunner and prairie dogs had me laughing! Eagles are just awe inspiring! I wish you could have seen the owl more clearly. I've never seen one, either.

  21. I have not had the chance to visit a zoo in a long time. Thanks Debbie for all these great pictures of these great animals. I guess you sorta know by now that I'm a huge animal lover, except for snakes.

    1. Me too, and I am not fond of snakes either!! Have a wonderful Sunday!!

  22. My son and I thoroughly enjoyed looking at your pictures so thank you for sharing :) Have a beautiful Sunday! Hugs!

  23. What a nice zoo visit. Nice picture taking, Hubs.

  24. Awesome photos of all the critters! I also try to think that zoos are saving animals from extinction.

  25. Amazing photos Debbie, and always love the one you end up with ;) That road runner series was incredible too. I know how you feel about zoos Debbie, I am the same way but if they are big enough animal enclosures that the animals have a good life, it makes me happier when I leave. I recently went to my home town zoo when I went back to the UK. It had grown into a truly wonderful place, and their research facilies were major in being the last defence to exinction. I also am glad for the fact that people get to see animals they wouldn't be able to in real life. Everyone would love to see them in their own habitat, me included. In the meantime I loved seeing this zoo through your camera lens. Next best thing to being there. Have a great week :)

  26. wonderful safari. Love that road runner

  27. How so very much fun...from the caged bird beauties, to the Mr & Mrs and the beautiful cougar....all so awesome. And I like the fact you share your loved ones at the end of your post...

    Thanks for sharing this link with I'd Rather B Birdin' also. I know other bird lovers will truly enjoy your post this weekend!!! [Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin']

  28. I have the same feeling about zoos, but you got to see some interesting and adorable animals.

  29. how funny that roadrunner just ran around with that mouse, bummer that owl didn't come out so you could see him in all his beauty. Does look like a fun day :)

  30. Great captures of the zoo critters. I really like the mural.