Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Longwood, Part 2

At Longwood Gardens they have strict "regulations" about tripods.
I "kinda" knew that but in the past,
I, we, have not paid much attention to that rule.
On this visit, we were told we needed a permit for our little baby tripod,
that we only use for selfies...we're not professionals here.
The hubs goes back for the permit, we get it and start to read the restrictions.
"Tripods cannot be used anywhere outdoors. Tripods may not be used in the
Conservatory after 1 p.m......
we begin to realize that the list is endless.
Chuck quickly determines that we are not going to be able to use the tripod,
at all!!
And I, just as quickly, determine that those rules don't apply to us. 
Here's my reasoning...it's just a "tiny" tripod, we are not photographers,
not professionals, those rules are for them.
I told the hubs to fold up the permit,
put it in his pocket and we will pretend we didn't read it.
That worked for about 1/2 hour and you guessed it,
we got busted!!
You'll never believe it, but those rules did apply to our
little, itty, bitty baby tripod.
This is the last of the selfies,
we saw her coming and in this picture I was telling the hubs,
it's over...and it was.
Can you believe it??
So now we'll take a closer look at the beauty inside the Conservatory,
minus the cute couple.

A nighttime view of the tree that started it al!!

 More on Thursday, this place takes your breath away!! 


  1. Debbie, your Longwood garden photos are gorgeous..I love the shot of you and the hubs, at least you got one shot. And the shot of you and the Cardinal is awesome.. Great post, enjoy your day!

  2. Well, I'm glad at least you were able to get a few selfies in!

    Such a beautiful place, and gorgeous photo's. I'm loving this excursion,
    and seeing the two of you before you got busted. :)


  3. I have to say that's very sad, especially where you aren't making a money profit off your shots, like say a wedding photographer, or etc. It's one of those kinds of moments that could be a deal breaker for me ever returning there. Unfriendly, unkind practice they were displaying, and quite rude. But that's not to say your photos and of course your radiant smiles make up for their bad taste!

  4. Stunning views! The elegant beauty makes me wonder what Babylon's hanging gardens must have looked like...Sorry to hear about the tripod rule; that's too bad!

  5. you rebel, you!!! :) i love the cardinal tree! my favorite of all the glitz and glimmer. :)

  6. Anal people with rules. Enough to make a Libertarian scream. Just saying.

  7. So what's the reason behind the rule? Sorry you got caught! I love seeing all your photos!

  8. A gorgeous place! Love that giant cardinal.

  9. Beautiful place. I'm sorry, but I had to smile at the tripod story.

  10. That place is gorgeous! Too bad they have rules against such small tripods, but I assume they have a reason. At least you got some selfies before the tripod police showed up! :-)

  11. What a cute story you tell. The pictures are beautiful without the tripod. I love the ones of you both. The tree with the red birds is awesome. I would love to see this place in real life; it does look breathtaking.
    Blessings for these fantastic photos today!

  12. That tree with the cardinals is one of the coolest I have ever seen! You got some great shots.

  13. WONDERFUL. gardens !!!
    Thanks Debbie.

  14. Ooooh I love it when you get all "those-rules-don't-apply-to-me ish" Debbie!! Yay, I have been known to do the same thing... yep, I agree, get your story/alibi/fib straight first though... each little "illegal" tripoding was so worth it. Good on you both.

    Gorgeous photos and post :D)