Monday, January 12, 2015

Longwood Gardens

We "finally" got to Longwood Gardens for the Christmas display.
We have been trying for weeks but for one reason or another,
we just could not make it happen!!
This is either going to be very long post or perhaps I will break it up,
in to a few entries.
The tree theme this year was Birds,
oohhhh be still my heart,
I am confident they picked that theme just for me.
So lets get started...
This is the view, as you walk into the Conservatory, it's breathtaking.
 Even better when we add ourselves to the mix...hehehe

Here is a close-up of those beautiful silver and white arrangements,
they were brilliant!!

 These Fraser Fur Trees decorated in silver and white, 
were scattered all about the Conservatory!!

This next area was based on 2 Fairy Tales...

  This tree was themed after the Fairy Tale
The Ugly Duckling...
ummmm, it's purple and nothing purple is ugly.

That turned in to a beautiful swan.

This tree portrayed the story of
The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg

 All three trees were just beautiful...
and it was super fun to be reminded of these cute fairytales that
I have not thought about in years!!
More tomorrow, and a story of how we almost got kicked out.
Well, not really but it was a close call!
You don't want to miss it!!


  1. Very impressive... especial the young couple that appear in your photos. [◉"]

  2. Debbie, the trees and decorations are beautiful. And I love the bird theme too. Wonderful shots of you and your hubby! Looking forward to seeing what happened next.. Have a happy day!

  3. we got to samples of those SMILES.

  4. Wow, everything is so beautiful! As I was looking at the Christmas trees I was thinking to myself about the time and effort that must be put into decorating - what a job!

    Happy Monday! Can't wait to hear your story :)

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  6. Oh Debbie!
    All trees and decor are beautiful.
    The tenth time I watch your fabulous photos.
    Greetings from Polish.

  7. Longwood Gardens does such a beautiful display at Christmas. By now, they're already working on Spring, I'm sure! Did you know that their restrooms were acknowledged as being some of the best in the country? [Just a little tidbit!] Your photos, as always, are gorgeous!

  8. Now... I have to go to Longwood Gardens at Christmas. You have me captivated by all your wonderful pictures. I know you and hubby must have had a grand time.

  9. Oh goodness, you've really done it showing off this marvelous place...and your hubby is so happy! I got my hubby out on Sunday and we did some sightseeing too, finally. But seeing these beautiful photos I have to get over to our conservatory too! Lovely day you had, priceless.

  10. Debbie: no one will notice if I just put this tree on my head and walk out, will they?

  11. 'nothing purple is ugly' - you make me laugh. :)

  12. You not only take beautiful photos your descriptions are almost poetry. I so loved this adventure. I know I would like to visit this place. I just love Christmas and these pictures are just lovely. I of course I love the ones that the two of you are in; priceless.
    Blessings and I can't wait for the next ones!

  13. What beautiful trees. It looks like such a nice time that you and Chuck had together.
    I am glad you got to visit.

  14. That is just beautiful! So glad you made it there. The silver and white ornaments are (almost) as beautiful as the purple ;)...

  15. Wow! That does look like a breathtakingly beautiful place to visit! Love the first photo of you and your husband!

  16. Seeing this post and the beautifully decorated trees at Longwood Gardens makes me think about adding a visit to my bucket list for next season. Nice photos of the two of you with your colorful red scarf, Debbie.

  17. Wow, that's beautiful! They certainly do it up right!

  18. Aww, look at you two! Y'all always look so cute and happy.

    I love the photo's; what a beautiful place to visit! Okay, so now I can't wait
    until tomorrow.


  19. Awww - how lovely!