Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Forcing Paper Whites!!!

Have you ever introduced the fragrance of Paper Whites in to your home? 
They are amazing delicate white flowers, that come from a bulb,
their scent is amazing!!
Paper Whites are the original "just add water" plant.
They can be planted in soil, but they are more commonly grown in
pots or dishes with stones to anchor them. 
They are really easy to force and grow indoors.
When we visited Longwood Gardens I picked up my supplies.
I wanted to purchase the bulbs there,
so that when they bloom, the flowers will have special meaning.
They will also be a wonderful reminder of our visit!!
 I purchased a bag with 5 Bulbs.
I must have "inspected" 20 bags to be sure they were healthy,
but as luck would have it, one bulb was dead.

  I purchased these 2 pots...

  made in Portugal, very cool and extremely over priced...
but they were made in Portugal so somehow they seemed worth it.

 If the pots have a drainage hole in the bottom, you the hubs must plug it!!
Then fill the pots, to within 2 inches from the top, with stones like this.

Saturate the stones with water,

Bury the bottom quarter of the bulb, keeping the bulb's base
above the water line. Space about 1 inch apart.
I did not have enough room to do that and I am hoping it won't matter.

The bulbs don't need sun light at this point.
Check your bulbs daily to see if they need more water
When you see roots start to develop, move the container to a sunny window.
In about 6 weeks you should have pretty Paper Whites,
these are mine from last year!!

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  1. I feel as though I have just had a lovely horticultural lesson. Lovely! Thanks Debbie, I will have to try this.

  2. Got two in a shallow dish of potting soil. After a week, Josephine dug one up to play with it. I replanted it, but it has been pissed, refusing to grow. I think it's getting over its funk, though. No available light in our place. Have it on stove with range hood light on.
    :) m & jb (who wants to know if you want her to come dig up your bulbs!)

  3. Yes these flowers not only smell lovely but also so beautiful

  4. They are beautiful flowers.. You make it sound so EASY! I do not have a green thumb.. I like the cute post and the pretty river stones.. Good luck with your Paperwhites..Have a happy day!

  5. Oh they are so pretty I can imagine that their blooming would make for quite the smile:):) Hug B

  6. They are very beautiful! I usually have the opposite of a green thumb when it comes to most indoor plants; maybe I should try this one of these days.

  7. Really, just add water?? Now these I must try. You see, I have a brown thumb - it's quite sad. It seems like I kill just about every plant I "try" to nurture. Maybe it's because I forget to water them, but that's beside the point.... :)

    But really, I would love to try and have these in my home - they are beautiful! Thank you for sharing, sweet Debbie, and for joining us at Roses of Inspiration. Hugs!

  8. They are so pretty. Will certainly bring a smile to your face when in bloom.

  9. Great idea, so nice to have flowers indoors. Good luck with yours!

  10. very pretty. hope they'll bloom well!

  11. I really need to do this, I do enjoy paper whites, and you are right nothing smells as good.

  12. You are a girl to go to for gathering PERFECT fun IDEAS! I have some stuff growing inside now, (from my greenhouse) but I haven't tried these before. I will look for some! Thanks, what a lovely project.

  13. Soon we will see as nice as last year's!!

  14. I like Paper Whites,Debbie!They are so preety and smell lovely too!!
    Like your ceramic pots and your idea!

  15. Oh, I so hope they do well, and such great instructions, thank you, Debbie. :)

    Beautiful, and I've never heard of them. Will have to look around!

    Hope you have a wonderful day, and staying warm.

  16. So pretty. I don't know why I don't do that so I have some pretty blooms during these cold winter days.
    You'll have to show us when they bloom.

  17. Thank you for your lovely step by step procedure. This is something I will try to do. I just wrote it on my "To Do" list. I hope Home Depot will have them.

  18. Wow, in all my years I've never known of this kind of planting. Thanks Debbie, it's a definite 'must do' on my list. Move over succulents on my windowsill garden ;D)
    Beautiful flowers too. Oh, and I just love your pots as well.

  19. You are making me think I need to do this :)

  20. Debbie, Once upon a time I forced paper whites to bloom just in time for Christmas gifts. Love the aroma!

  21. I have done that once,many years ago,but for whatever reason have never tried it again. Perhaps I ought to so so again.

  22. What a lovely thing to have going on inside during the winter!

  23. My daughter bought me paper whites once... I would love to try to force them!!

  24. Oh these paper whites are just beautiful. I am going to look into doing this exact thing. I loved the tutorial on how to do it. I will look forward to pictures of your flowers when they bloom in six weeks.
    Blessings for sharing this one!

  25. I've never tried this, but I think I will. How can you tell when a bulb is dead?