Monday, June 30, 2014

Hot Rods & Food Trucks, Part 2!!

Seaside Heights...June 21, 2014
I have been to so many car shows in the last decade,
 never before now have I been to one with so many cars.
Yesterday, I shared only my favorite cars...
there had to be at least 100 more hot rods that I didn't share.
On to the food trucks, which were also part of this event,
this part was amazing as well.
Our first stop was...

 we quickly choose and placed our order.

It was a long wait, (you may recognize the hubs from the back),

 for one of these, a "Spudwich"!!
A bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich,
the top and bottom are a deep fried baked potato.
There are no words to describe the deliciousness of this,
there was no extra charge for all that grease.

 I really loved this Kona Ice Truck where you make your own snow cone.

 The Empanada Guy was there...

 as was the Chipstix Girl.

 A baking potato, a stick and a twirling machine...

 a little separating and spacing...

a little deep frying...

and you have this!!
It's seasoned with whatever seasonings you want,
I chose sour cream and chives.

It breaks apart easily and is more delicious then you could ever imagine.
I wish I had a bigger belly,
so I could have tasted more of the treats.
If you ever have the opportunity to go to a gourmet food truck show,
be sure and go.
It was so very fun tasting all the different gourmet foods and treats.
And there were lots of free samples as well.
But you do have to leave your
"I'm afraid of non-healthy food" attitude at home.


  1. Oh I would be trying everything the potato looks amazing. I am glad you had so much fun and now I am going to read part one I apparently missed it. :) Hug B

  2. Well, I didn't much get past the spudwich before I started to drool. YUMMY!

  3. That potato looks awesome. I would love to try that and the greasy sandwich too!! I love bacon and tomato!

  4. Oh my gosh - it all looks so good! I've never been to anything like that, but I'm glad you did and shared. Of course, now I'm hungry. :)

  5. you chose two of my all-time favorite foods: potatoes and potatoes. :) golly!

  6. Yum! That spudwich looks delicious, and i love the name, too. :-) My hubby would LOVE that. I really don't like car shows, but the food there would make up for it.

  7. Debbie, Our food truck festival is in October. The lines are far too long for my patience, but I do enjoy attending just to see what is out there. One of our favorites just opened up a brick and mortar restaurant. I am dying to visit. Potatoes..... Yummy!

  8. I think I just gained ten of the pounds back I recently lost just looking at this! :-) Wow! Some decadently delicious-looking food!

  9. That potato on a stick looks amazing! What a creative idea!

  10. Wow!!The spudwich looks so delicious Debbie!!And the potatoes are so yammy!!We don'nt have those here!What a shame!I wish i was there!!

  11. That looked like a lot of fun!

  12. There is a food truck area within walking distance of my daughter's house and it was a favorite place to explore in the evenings. So many different types of food that it was hard to decide sometimes. The potato treats look especially yummy!

  13. You put me right back on Sesame want po-TA-to!

  14. Oh yes, this would be my idea of Heaven for an afternoon (or two!!). I just love that spudwich. I can almost taste it right now.

  15. Looks like a lot of YUM! Glad you had fun.

  16. I was pretty much good to go at the Spudwich, but the Chipstix would work just as well! Goodness.

  17. What I love is that they've broken away from same old, same old! What fun!

  18. a taste testers paradise. yum!! ( :
    who doesn't love a good chip.

  19. Wow, awesome choices of food.. The potato on the stick looks yummy. We have some food trucks outside my work everyday. One of my favorite is the Mexican! Great post, thanks for sharing! Enjoy your week!

  20. That baked potato looks out of this world.

  21. Oh my gosh; this food was just up my alley for sure. I can tell it was yummy time.
    You really know how to tempt me with some pictures of great comfort foods.
    Blessings for this one. I am already trying to figure out how to do the spudwich.

  22. Oh that looks an interesting bit and it looks like you are enjoying it!! never seen that before