Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Chester Publick House

On June 1st, after the craft show,
 we had a late lunch at The Chester Publick House
The food was great and the restaurant is decorated with
lots of antiques and has a very long and interesting history.
 Established in 1810...

The Publick House offers all this...
 and newly renovated lodging as well.
When the owner saw me taking pictures, came out and intoducded himself.
 He described in detail the newly renovated rooms...
I would have LOVED a tour.
This "pressing machine" was in the lobby,

 along with this washing machine,

and this antique cash register.
After we ate, we strolled around Chester for a bit...
All the shops had cute and unique names...
"Perfect Treasure"

"Once Upon A Table"

"Winky's Pet Boutique"


It's a great little town where you can buy lots of things you don't need,
but really want!!


  1. Debbie, what a neat town and restaurant! The stores are cute! I am addicted to shops with lawn ornaments and flowers now! Have a happy day!

  2. Hey Debbie! The hubs looks fairly loaded down with shopping bags. You really shouldn't let him loose with money like that!
    Posted a second post this week with your encouragement in mind. Probably would have stopped blogging without you. No joke.

  3. Oh my, what fun! Love all those shops' names! Looks like your hubby spent some money- lol!

  4. laughed at your last statement - perfectly summed up. :)

    it is a cute looking place!

  5. I would love to visit those shops and buy lots of things I want but don't need. :-)

  6. Hello Debbie!!You always visit beatiful and interesting places!!Like this amazing town!!Such cute stores!!Wonderful photos indeed!!Thank you for sharing!

  7. Magnifique article, avec des magnifiques photos thank you Debbie :-)

  8. What a fun town. I liked what you said, " It's a great little town where you can buy lots of things you don't need,
    but really want!!" I think that is a profound thought.
    I could see that there was so many things I could bring home.

  9. Thanks for the tour, great little place, love the old machines.

  10. Well that sounds like a really fun place. I loved the part about how you could buy lots of things you really don't need but want anyway.

  11. Looks like a fun place to visit!

  12. It's a bit of a trek to get there, but I may try it this summer. Your photos are too tempting!

  13. That's an awesome place! I like the old register! That was back when clerks actually had to know some math. :-)

  14. What a neat place, Debbie, and I LOVE that old cash register!

  15. I like that they have some old items in this place. And, I would love to walk around that town.

  16. Great place to buy old things. He will be happy with shopping :)))
    Nice facade!