Monday, June 16, 2014

"Big" Project, "Big" Reveal, Part II

Do you guys remember my big project, big reveal back in November??
If you missed that entry,
you can read all the exciting details here.
It was such a fun re-do and as I finished up, I knew there were two more
things I wanted to do with it and I promised a Part II.
For those of you that have been waiting, here it is!
 Before...a "not being used" T.V. Cabinet

After...a scrapbooking storage center!
But I still wanted to close up the big ole' hole in the back of the cabinet.
And I had a crafty idea for the doors,
not something I needed, something I wanted.
 Back in January, the hubs stained and installed a beautiful piece of wood,

which covered up the hole nicely.
The hubs is extremely handy, when he wants to be.
Now I needed wanted to pretty up those doors,

 which required this fabric, about one half a yard...

 pressed, I don't like to iron...

 two cookie sheets from the Dollar Store...
the hubs drilled those holes for me.

 Cheapo' ribbon...

and a hot glue gun!
I have not used one of those babies in years and when they say they are hot,
they are not kidding, those babies burn!
 Here she is, all done!!

 What is that for, you ask??
It's a pretty magnetic board, that can hold all kinds of things.
Little scraps of paper, ideas, inspiration...
or nothing at all.
They look so pretty, I'm not sure I want to cover them up!

And they hang from these pretty knobs, that I absolutely love!!

This is how it looks today.
This room has three sliding glass doors and two huge windows.
The ceiling has two large skylights.
There is so much light in this room, it is impossible to get a good picture.
But it's a wonderful room with a great view of the river we live on.
I am just thrilled with the transformation.
Now that it's all done, I need to put down those knitting needles a little,
and scrap some of my awesome memories!!!


  1. Wowie Zowie, Batgirl! You are after my own heart re: organization. When I want something, I want it NOW -not after 15 minutes of looking. Guess that's why I'm a minimalist re: decor. That, and I hate to dust. ;) Your house is be-yoo-ti-ful, BTW.
    Monday hugs, m & jb

  2. Looks GREAT!!! Those magnet boards are just beautiful - so YOU! {and I know what you mean about those glue guns!}

  3. Well planned and executed perfectly.

    Recently I met a lady with two young daughters. She remade an old entertainment center into a play kitchen for her pink!

  4. Wow - aren't you the one!! That is very clever, innovative, and creative! I really like what you did the cabinet, and the magnetic boards!!

  5. I see there is still some room left for yarn!

  6. Oh that is beautiful what a wonderful idea. Your hubs is very handy to but anyone who can use an iron wins with me:). Great project well done. Hug B

  7. quite a handy place to store all that stuff! your little purple fabric-covered metal thingies are cute. :)

  8. Beautiful transformation.I like the cookie sheet magnetic board idea.

  9. Wow!! Magnificent job! It looks great!

  10. Debbie it is fabulous! The stained backing is gorgeous and I love the magnet boards. I recently rehabbed one of old TV cabinets to a wardrobe for our Wyatt. I covered the hole with bead board and painted it white. Great minds....and handy husbands:)

  11. Oh my gosh Debbie it looks wonderful and what a wonderful idea. Chuck did such a nice job.
    I love that material too. I am so glad you showed the finished project and I do like that room. I really do enjoy lots of sunlight. :)

  12. Gorgeous! You should put it on Pinterest!

  13. What a lovely transformation Debbie!!It looks great!!Your idea with the magnet boards is beautiful!!I like the fabric that you used!!You are so talented indeed!!Have a happy week!!

  14. I never in my life would think of cookie sheets for magnetic boards! You are beyond clever and it turned out bee you tee full!!!

  15. Debbie, what a great idea, using cookie sheets for magnet boards! I like the covering too! You are talented and organized! Have a happy day!

  16. hi Debbie great idea and well executed. Looks lovely, a place for everything.

  17. Oh, you are just TOOOO clever! I love the storage cabinet re-do, but the magnetic boards, covered in that lovely fabric are just wonderful! Really inspiring!

  18. Impressive! I like the idea of re-purposing! As a matter of fact, I just acquired an old TV cabinet similar to yours that I am planning to convert to a craft cabinet! You know what they say about great minds!! ha! ha!

  19. Girl, you are too awesome for words! Love everything, and your home is so beautiful too. :)

  20. Debbie, this is amazing!!
    Not only is it so useful, but it is so beautiful.
    I just LOVE what you did with the cookie trays.
    So, so nice!

  21. It all looks great, and I LOVE those magnetic boards. You are so creative!

    I have to be careful with the glue gun. I have burned myself plenty.

  22. How creative!! A very inspirational and lovely piece. Would never have thought to do something like this.

  23. Wow, that's very clever, Debbie! Nicely done! It looks awesome!

  24. This is a beautiful transformation! I love your idea of covering the pans to hang on the doors, too. Very clever, Miss Debbie!

  25. What a great job you have both done! Fabulous!

  26. Great Debbie. I really like this furniture is myu helpful!