Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Garden Notes!!

 Back on May 26th, my Little Kim Lilacs bloomed.

Little Kim's are lilacs that bloom after regular lilacs.
They are smaller and have a very soft, almost white lilac color.
They are so beautiful and very fragrant.
As I was clipping these gorgeous blooms to bring inside,

 the hubs was out front...

 planting the Vinca's, around the mailbox.
He has a system!

 Purple and white, perfectly spaced...this is going to look so pretty
throughout the summer!!

A week later,

we started having a "weed" problem and the hubs was having none of that.

 Weed killer was purchased...

 and applied rather thickly.
We are not playing games here.

 Mesh fabric was purchased and installed, then topped with a layer of peat moss...

because loosing to those big bad weeds was not an option!!

So far, so good!
The hubs takes these matters very seriously!!

And because my garden is soooo large,

 it was necessary to make these markers.
Well not really, but they were fun to make.





and soon the Black Eyed Susans will open.

I purchased this watering can in Chester and the hubs filled it
with beautiful flowers!!

"Feathers Inn" Bed and Breakfast is up...

and everyone is enjoying it!!

So there you have it, just enough color and veggies
so I can watch my garden grow but not be over whelmed with the work.


  1. Debbie , your flowers and lilacs are pretty! I love the watering can planter, very cute! And I would like to find the B&B. Enjoy your day!

  2. i love the signs for your gardens - so you will never forget what is growing there. smart idea. i bet the lilacs are heavenly scented. that brings back childhood memories.

    fun post. happy week!! ( :

  3. Not overwhelmed with the work? I am fatigued just thinking about it! But it sure is beYOOtiful!
    Hubs should be wearing his Caped Crusader outfit as he ZAPS! and KERPOWs!
    those weeds. (Yes, I admit to never missing a Batman episode as a child.)
    xx, m & jb

  4. What a beautiful space for your flowers! I have seen a peek at your mailbox before and I wondered how you kept the weeds out. Does New Jersey have any dandelions? Myhubs puts down mole killer, weed killer and we still have moles and weeds. I fight crabgrass in my flowerbeds all year long. If the neighbors have it, so will we. We have been adding brick borders that are about 6 inches high so that helps. I love your signs, we plant and then forget what and where we planted it. I just planted three seed packets and didn't mark them so I guess it will be a surprise!! LOL Have a wonderful day Debbie!

  5. So clean and orderly. {says my haphazard weeding weary gardening self}

  6. 'feathers inn' - too cute! you just wanted to play and make markers. and i'm amazed that weed killer doesn't kill those flowers, too! it would in my yard! i couldn't even fertilize roses w/o killing them.

  7. I love your signs!! I bet you had fun making them. What kind of weed killer did you put on that won't kill the plants. That would be handy to have.
    I do love that you have egg plant. We just love it so much around here and I have the hardest time making people understand how wonderful it is.
    I love how you planted them.

  8. Has it really been that long since I visited!!! Must be, as I don't remember seeing any of these posts before...
    I love the decorating job on that birdhouse!!! Poor swans, only one cygnet left!!! And I forget what all else I saw...

  9. I like your husband's method of keeping the weeds out. The flowers will be so pretty.
    I think I saw a green tomato on your plant, or was I imagining it?

  10. Your lilacs are lovely and I can almost smell them from here :) I had a few bloom, but then we had a cold front come in and the rest did not make it.

    Have a lovely day! Hugs

  11. The lilacs are marvellous,! I love the colour!

  12. Your garden is really lovely. Enjoy all the fresh produce.

  13. You need to open a farm stand! Everything is lovely! For my raised herb garden, I used rocks with labels from the label maker. Not as colorful as yours.

  14. Paradise...would that I were a little bird and could fly south to enjoy a stay at that cute bed and breakfast!!

  15. What a beautiful garden Debbie!!Your lilacs are lovely!!I like your signs for your garden!!The watering can is so cute!!Hope you have a wonderful week!!

  16. Oh everything is so beautiful. I love how your hubs enjoys gardening like you! Very nice; looking forward to watching everything grow. :)

  17. You are so blessed to have a hubby that takes such great care of your garden/lawn. Mine has a bad back so much of the weeding falls to me. :/ Anyway, he does a beautiful job. I'd keep him around if I were you. :)))))

  18. So pretty!! And I love those markers... I want some for my boxes.... funny thing is... Brian always want the veggies marked.... my thing is... I'm sure you will know if your eating a radish or lettuce....haha...but I like the look of the markers:))

  19. I love that you labeled the wildflowers! You need to show is the progress all around in the garden.

  20. Debbie, you are such a DELIGHT! Your wonderful posts are always positive, charming and beautiful! I think your garden is going to be especially lovely this year. I can just smell those lilacs ... heavenly! Love all of your garden signs - such a great idea. I hope your pretty garden brings you and your husband great happiness!

  21. I like to see a man take his weed killing seriously! It's not a matter to be handled by amateurs. :-)

    Beautiful garden and flowers!

  22. I LOVE that watering can!!
    Kudos to the Hubs for taking care of those pesky weeds. :-)

    Your garden looks just beautiful.

  23. Wow, your hubby is serious about weed control!

  24. Tell me more about growing cucumbers in a container. I didn't know you could!! In the spring, I notice where I need to put more spring bulbs in and then mark that spot with a stick. Not a sign, just a plain old broken stick off a tree branch, LOL. I agree with Hubs--if you can't kill the weeds with a bit of weed killer, smother the weeds!!!

  25. Your plants look so healthy! Your hubs IS very serious and does a good job. I love those labels, too. I need some of those.

  26. I LOVE it! And I really like that purple watering can!

  27. The flowers are perfect. As always it is so nice to visit your site, Thank You :)

  28. You're going to have a beautiful yard and garden vegetables rich. The shower is beautiful!!

  29. hi to judy....i do not usually reply to comments here but prefer to find you, and comment on your blog. i can't find a blog for you....would you be so kind as to email me a link to your blog so i can visit you. my email address is stangs6@hotmail.com!!

    thanks for your kind comments!!!

  30. Oh, I love it all! Beautiful!

  31. Good looking veggie plants! And oh those lilacs! (Also love the green vase! :-) ) I am opposed to using chemicals for weed killer. If you look into it, you discover that it is seeping into our ground water, and people are being affected (sterilization is one side effect) It is harming the environment and us. Not your little flower bed....but when all our flower beds are added together plus the commercial use, it is overwhelming. Just thought I'd mention it. Sorry. :-) Don't hate me. :-)

  32. Can I borrow your "hubs" next spring? He does wonders with your garden area. So pretty.
    I'd love to lose the weeds that grow in my beds but that looks like a lot of hard work. May I also say your Purple watering can is adorable and so colorful and fun.