Monday, January 6, 2014

Snow Much Fun!!

If you follow my blog, you know we got snow...hehehe
First I'll share the pictures I took from inside the house,
Friday morning, before the snow stopped.
Our backyard, you can't see the river.
Front yard, 9 a.m., still snowing!

 Backyard bird feeding area, you can't even see the feeders,
but the birds found them...well, they know where they are!!
 Pretty Evergreen in the front yard.
The snow stopped around 11 a.m.
At noon we had homemade potato pancakes,
I'll share more on that another time, they were delish!
The sun was out so we headed out to the yard,
to take care of all the necessary "snow" things.

 First our "sweet" snowman!!
I was not prepared with the "proper" snowman making tools,
but we had lot's of candy and we used our imaginations.
I thought he was "SWEET"!!

 Next on tap, making snow angels, this was fun...
 and I thought mine turned out great!!
 Chuck was such a sport...
his was a lot bigger then mine.
 One of our many Christmas wreaths, looks so much better with snow.

 Evergreen, with berries and snow.

 No vacancy here, there is a chickadee family living inside.
10 inches, perhaps...

 definitely not a flip flop day!!
This evergreen limb, grows toward the sky.

 2 p.m., the snow is starting to melt...

It was just beautiful, A Winter Wonderland for sure!!


  1. So glad you had snow much fun!! Love the angels, you and the hubby sure how to play and have a good time. Stay warm for the next blast of weather.

  2. So pretty Debbie, I just love the snow. It makes everything look so fresh and clean.
    Looks like you have had loads of fun :))

  3. A magical winter wonderland indeed. You two make beautiful snow angels. Thanks for sharing the your snowy scenes, Debbie - I enjoyed seeing them.

    Be well be happy :)

  4. WOW....what a lovely post and a lot of it's all green and + 10 celsius.

    Greetings, Joop

  5. It was beautiful. I love all of the fun you both had out in the snow.
    I think wreaths would always look better with a little snow.

  6. You two have so much fun - even when it is cold outside! Your snow is just beautiful, how it has stayed on branches, birdhouses and such. I always love your photos Debbie, and I always look forward to them. Our snow was dry and blowing, drifting here and there. We have no snow on the trees or anything else. It is -7 degrees this morning and I will enjoy it from the inside! Happy snowing Debbie!

  7. Debbie, beautiful pictures of winter
    and so funny snowman :-)

  8. you are such a big kid at heart. i love it. thanks for giving me some snow love ...i love making "snow angels" & "snowmen". such fun! the snow looks so fluffy & soft.

    i agree with the other i am so "envious". ( :

  9. Wow!! You DID get snow. We had about a foot last week, but with temps in the 40s and 50s yesterday and today (with a lot of rain), our snow is almost history now. Tomorrow's forecast? 2 with a wind chill of -27.

    These are such happy shots! You both make me smile! :-)

  10. It is pretty to look at! If I ever tried to go the snow angel route, I'd never be able to get up again! All our snow is gone, but tomorrow it will be so cold! Glad you had fun!

  11. What a beautiful winter wonderland! Looks like you had a lot of fun! Love your snowman and the snow angels. I made a snow angel a few years ago and had a hard time getting up. :0) my neighbor saw me laying in the snow and came over to see if I was ok. :0)
    Enjoy your day.

  12. A winter wonderland! Love the snowman, it's "sweet"!

  13. Your fun makes me smile. :-) I love the Debbie and Chuck angels!

    We are just cold here--no snow. Send some our way, OK?

  14. you enjoy this, 'snow' kidding! :)

  15. How lucky you are Debbie!!So much snow!!!Wow!!Here it's 15c!!Wonderful pictures!!!Beautiful images!!Everything looks so preety!!Enjoy!!

  16. Looks like a wet, heavy snow. You've captured it beautifully.

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  18. Pretty snow scenes and I love your snowman and snow angels! It's too cold here to think about walking around outside, at least for me. Minus 30 temps today with the wind chill. Brrrrr.

  19. Nice pictures of snow. Your family looks like they are enjoying it.

  20. Oh you do make me smile a very big smile. Not only are you guys the greatest but your photos are always fun, loved all of them. The snowman was cute too and loved your snow angels. Stay warm :)

  21. Debbie, you are having so much snow fun! Love the snow angels and the cute Snowman.. You make the snow look so pretty, loved the photos. Have a happy week and stay warm!!

  22. I love fresh snowfall! These are beautiful photos! Unfortunately, ours amounted to less than an inch. Glad to see you guys enjoying the snow!

  23. I love seeing those snow angels! We didn't get enough snow for those!

  24. Glad you had such a nice snowfall! I love the snow angels. We got too much snow for those!

  25. It looks incredibly beautiful. You are enjoying the snow too - just as it should be.

  26. VERY beautiful. A freshly fallen snow really can look magical.

    Not that I've ever seen over even an inch in person. ;o)


  27. The snow covered trees are so pretty.

  28. The photos are cute and beautiful, Debbie!

  29. Your photos are FABULOUS! You've really captured the beauty of snow.

  30. These photos are beautiful and so much fun. I'm amazed by snow pictures especially since we don't have any snow over here.

  31. You sure did get a lot of snow!!! I am glad you had a chance to enjoy it before it melted!! I love the image of the bird house!!!

  32. No flip flops today:) OH this post just makes me so happy as I can imagine how the kid in you is feeling. I LOVE your snow angel better (don't tell Chuck) Oh I love this I am giggling thinking of all the fun you two had. Keep a little warm today my friend it is nasty out there. Sure is pretty. LOVE LOVE this HUGS B

  33. I loved your post today, and see how well you've been in the snow!
    Here this year has fallen very low, and in the mountains, if we have lots of rain :((
    a kiss.

  34. Much fun! It's just so cold. Good to get out and play!

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