Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sauce or Gravy?!

What do you call the red stuff, sauce or gravy??
At my house we call the the red stuff spaghetti sauce,
gravy is brown...don't you agree??

If you follow my blog, you know this winter I have gone back in to the kitchen,
and I have been having lot's of fun!!
Inspired by Pinterest and because I have a new found obsession with my slow cooker,
the hubs and I have been eating lot's of comfort food!

A few days back I decided to make stuffed meatballs and sauce.
Surprisingly easy, this was an awesome mid-winter meal.

So lets get to the good stuff, pictures.

First I will get you drooling with the end result...
 This was so yummy and I wanted it to look pretty!

 This is how the sauce looked...
those who are interested, you can find the recipe here.
Next time I make this, I will add diced sweet onion.

 Here's a look at the meatballs in progress.
That recipe is here, the only change I would make next time
is that I would add a little grated sweet onion.
I used a combination of ground pork, veal and beef.

Once mixed, I wrapped the meat around a chunk of fresh mozzarella...
 Now you say good-bye to that hunk-a-cheese but do not fret,
you will meet again.

 I used a pound and a quarter of meat, it made about 15 meatballs.

 You don't brown or cook them, they cook right in the sauce.

One last shot of the end result .
Not a great picture but that yummy fresh mozzarella is there.
Some soaks in to the meatball
and some is the big surprise you get when you cut in to it!!
No salad required as you will not be able to eat all your spagetti.
We had easy Texas Toast with this and it was all that was needed!!


  1. The meatballs with a mozzarella cube in the center must be to die for! Looks like some work involved, but well worth it. :)

  2. now that's neat! i used to do meatballs, browning them in the pan and all. always came out a bit tough. i bet these are great! (and, no, i'll not be making them any time soon.) you shall not convert me...

  3. yum!! i have not made meatballs in a while. need to try again. looks yummy good! ( :

  4. They look delicious ... I also do veal and pork. The step in flour and give them back in the pan. Then cook in a pot with onions, peppers, carrots, garlic, potatoes, a little oil and a glass of white wine ... And rich rich;)
    a kiss.

  5. If it's red, it's sauce!!! :-) That's it.
    Debbie, I LOVE the idea of the cheese inside the meatballs.

  6. Looks yummy and pretty, too! I have dinner cooking in the crock pot right now...it was a great invention! :-)

  7. I, too, say spaghetti sauce, but I'm Irish! My Italian friends say gravy, and they snicker when I say sauce. I'm definitely trying those stuffed meatballs -- my boys will love them. I've been using my slow cooker a lot, also. It's just so easy. We gave one to my one son, but he said he's afraid to leave it on all day when he's at work. Duhhhh -- that's what they're for!

  8. Wow!What a great recipe Debbie!!It looks so delicious !!I make the sauce,fry the meatballs,and put them in the sauce!But your idea with the mozzarella ,is perfect!!!I'll try it!!!

  9. The spaghetti looks so good. I haven't made homemade meatballs for a long time, just used the frozen ones.

  10. Debbie, this would be one of my favorite meals. And yes, I say red is sauce..I love spaghetti. And the meatballs sound yummy too. Thanks for sharing the recipe links. I love to use my crockpot too.

  11. Looks really good! I make home-made meatballs every now and then.

  12. MMMMMMM...MMMMMMMM.....GOOD! Looks delicious and yummy! I love it when you share! Please keep em' coming Debbie, I am printing and trying these.

  13. I agree. If it's red, it's sauce. If it brown, it's gravy. The meat balls sound good stuffed with cheese.

  14. Yummy! Those meatballs look delicious, and what a neat idea with the cheese. Larry always fixes Texas Toast when he makes pasta.

    Pretty plate too!

  15. Yum! I'll bet they are good stuffed with cheese. I agree about the sauce vs gravy. Red is always sauce and brown is gravy.

  16. Better watch it with all these yummy food posts. I am only a couple of hours down the rod from you..

  17. debbie ne kadar harika bir köfte. Çok güzel O harika köftelerden yemek isterdim. Teşkkürler paylaşımın için : )) Thank you from Turkey. You can use google translate for my comment. Thank you : )

  18. Next time invite me to dinner; it looks yummy and I am sure it was. I loved the pictures tutorial.
    I will have to try this one for sure. I have actually been finding some great crock pot recipes so I am going to start trying a few of them.
    Blessings to you dear friend.

  19. Yes, I refer to sauce/gravy the same way. Can't go wrong with a Crock pot!

  20. Looks delicious. Please come here and cook for me! Totally agree about the distinction between sauce and gravy.

  21. We call it red stuff and brown stuff here. Just kidding. Looks delish!

  22. I guess I know what I will be making next time. This looks delicious and I do love my crock pot. I also love to look at your photos, you have the prettiest bowls!

  23. I call it Gravy! I'm an Italian that was born and raised in the North End, Boston, MA

    I just made my gravy and meatballs last week for my Boston friends who are visiting me here in Florida.

    Love that aroma simmering on the stove. I don't own a slow cooker.

  24. It's sauce. That was always my favorite comfort food when I was growing up, my mom makes the best tomato sauce and we almost always had extra in the freezer.

    My hubby, unfortunantely, is not a huge fan so we don't make it very often. His Mom made me some last night though and I was so happy. No meatballs though (and those look fantastic!)

  25. Yum! So aside from being a talented photographer, you're also an amazing cook?