Thursday, January 16, 2014

Don't You Just Love A Bargin...

My mom introduced me to "The Dollar Store"...
It was o.k., I wasn't doing flips.
But it seems we stopped there every time we were out together,
and at some point things started to click...there's some great cheap shit stuff in here.
Let me show you what you can get for 60 cents...
 A deviled egg holder, with a lid.
The deviled eggs go in the part on the right,
to the left is the lid.
I should have taken a "before" picture but I think you get the idea.

 Egg Holder...turned in to a bird bath.
The rock in the center is for the birds to land on.

This is the lid...turned in to a feeder with seed.
The hubs takes the installation of these items very seriously.
Screws with washers, and 3 small holes to drain any water that accumulates.
This item was originally $ 2.00, advertised as a Christmas item,
it was 70% off.
Total price ended up to be 60 cents.

 The Chickadees loved the birdbath...

and the Blue Jays...well, no explanation is required!

My birds are happy, therefore I am happy!
Lot's more tomorrow, the birds LOVED this and I took
about 150 pictures!!


  1. you are so cute (chuck, too!) :)

    (cheap shit made me LOL!)

  2. What a great idea! I can see why the birds like it. I love the photo of the Blue Jay with the whole peanut in his mouth. :-)

  3. Great ideas. Guess I need to visit the Dollar Store,but not today.We are having a blizzard so inside is the place for me.

  4. wow, that is so cool!! neat idea. so creative & simple too. ( :

  5. We have a great dollar store in a nearby shopping center, and I buy plates, platters, bowls, etc. for my giveaway food gifts. Your idea is fantastic!! I know the birdies appreciate it.

  6. Bravo ! pour cette belle idée, et en plus vous avez fait des heureux :)
    Bonne soirée !!!

  7. I was just jotting down ideas about my recent trip to the Dollar store..................

    You had some good ideas with cheap stuff.

  8. Perfect timing Debbie -- our Dollar Stores all closed around here about a month ago. ;)

  9. Hi, a dear blogging friend told me about your blog.

    What great use of the deviled egg holder! I have a new silver one that I love and a plastic one like this that I will never use again. Thanks so much for the idea!

  10. You are so clever!!! I need to get one of those - for its original purpose! I made deviled eggs at Christmas and it was a mess to serve without a proper dish for them! I can't believe with all the STUFF I ahve that I don't have one of THESE!!!

  11. This is an excellent idea and the birds are happy.

  12. This is an excellent idea and the birds are happy.

  13. I love going to Dollar General here in town and checking out the cheap poop! LOL!!

  14. How cool! A couple of great ideas Debbie! Might wander over to the Dollar Store later!

  15. This is wonderful, Debbie, and your little feathered friends will be so happy!

  16. Dear Debbie,what a great idea!!And your yard birds look so happpy!!Excellent shots!Have a nice evening!

  17. Oh what you can do with cheap shit that the little birdies love! haha We are supposed to be getting a dollar store here in town but so far nothing is happening.

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  19. There you go with very cute thoughts along with beautiful pictures. They are incredible. It is amazing what you can get in a dollar store. My mother actually worked in one for several years. I love how inventive your hubby and you are. The birds have very delightful personalities.
    Blessings for this fun one.

  20. That's very cool! Who'd have thought of a deviled egg dish as birdbath?? Nice!!

  21. You can actually order in bulk from the dollar store - when it came time for Annabels wedding, we needed 125 clear pressed glass plates with matching salad bowls, and clear glass wine goblets... all For $375.! we had very nice table settings along with 120 IKEA champagne flutes & water glasses, and ordered from a restaurant store, pretty closeout silverware, with another great closeout deal on lagouile steak knives...

    but the best deal?

    we then resold most of it to another bride at a garage sale :)

    Youre right - sometimes that cheapsh*t pays off, giggle :)

  22. A very good idea and the birds love;)
    a kiss.