Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I Need An Ark

Can Someone Please...build me an ark.
It's raining, again!
Copious amounts of rain, like, it's coming down in bucket fulls.
I am stuck inside, again, and I secretly love it,
 so fret not,
I have lot's of little inside projects to keep me busy!!

A few weeks ago, when I began my Big Picture Project/Wall Mural,
I decided to organize the pictures, on my laptop.
This my friends, has never been done!!

The pictures began in early 2010 and I am currently at 9-16-2011.
Until now, the pictures were in folders,
only named by the day they were taken.
Making it almost impossible to find special pictures.
This will take months and I assume the computer will crash
at some point, so I will have to learn how to back them up,
once they are organized.

I estimate that I have deleted more then 6,000 pictures so far,
the ones I am saving went into folders, with names,
of what the pictures are actually of.

Here's a peak outside,

looking out the front door...

looking out the home office window!!
It's really dark and there is lot's of thunder.
Last week the pool overflowed, if it rains much more,
it will overflow again!!

So please, send me an ark!!


  1. That is a lot of rain!!! Our pool got close but it never did overflow.
    Did you get a picture of that?
    Your yard looks nice and green and very pretty and lush. :)

  2. we're getting bits of rain - just enough to keep the dogs tracking in lots of wet silt - but nothing really measurable. i'd happily take some from you if i could.

    really like your view - the deck looks like an awesome place to veg out!

  3. But it's so green and pretty! Send some our way please!

  4. i'll start building one - but the thing is ... i might need one too.

    it is nuts around here. wow!! is some one sad or what? where is all this rain coming from? ( :

  5. I have folders. Photos. Dates and deleting...when you're down there, hop in a boat and I'll set you to work on my photos!! Bwahahahaha!

  6. Well it looks awful pretty....Good luck with the pictures... I need to do that someday...

  7. What a pretty view! Picture organizing? You are amazing.

  8. Well Debbie I do not have an ark but I am sure I could and would build one for you:)
    WOW I have all my photos from 2010 on my computer not in folders and I need someone like you to help me get that done. I never seem to have enough time. When can you be here?:)
    Take care the sun will shine and you will be on the beach picking up glass soon enough. Good luck with the photos. We are similar in hoarding that way. HUGS B

  9. You have such an attractive place.

  10. Here too, Debbie, but not only have we had a lot of rain, it is downright chilly. Sure hope it changes real soon!

    Your task sounds like what I've been doing with my photos. Finally finished last week, and I vow to never let them get that out of hand again. For now, anyway!

  11. One good thing...everything looks green and lush!

  12. Well, I'd send you my ark, but I am currently using it! :-) It has been raining a lot here, too, with storms intermittently passing through.

    Lovely views out of your house--that backyard looks so inviting!

  13. Sunny here today. It is so green and pretty looking out your office window.

  14. Debbie, you have lovely views! Sorry about the rain but, I guess it is better than a drought or snow! I need to do the same with my photos, they are by date only. Wishing you a happy week ahead...with some sunshine!

  15. Why is it that it seems to always be feast of famine? Drought or floods?

    Pretty views from your place...even when it's raining!

  16. I have the same problem with my pics good luck!

  17. Rain rain rain here too. Hooray for organizing pictures.

  18. Oh my goodness Debbie, I'm sharing the same wet problem!
    I so wish I could go outside more, there's weeding and lawn mowing which I could do (ha ha).
    Like you I'm finding lots of things to do inside... mainly to do with paints and brushes lately!
    Enjoy your photo sorting... waaaah isn't it hard to delete photos though - I have to push myself to do it. It's definitely a good organisational exercise though.
    Hubby bought me an external hard drive with squillions of GB space all for my photos! It's just the ticket.
    Cheers :D)

  19. We've had lots of rain here too!! The ground gets so saturated it gets spongy!! Stay dry my friend, and keep at those photos.

  20. Your views are pretty - even in the rain. Wow - good luck with the picture organizing. I'm trying really hard to keep mine organized - but I can't always remember what I was thinking when I put things into categories. Sheesh - if your photos are like mine, you're going to need weeks of rain. Have fun!

  21. We have had too much rain lately, too, so I know how you feel! It does look very green and lush in your photos, as it does here.

    I'm needing to organize my photos, too. It's way down on my to-do list, tho. I have so many things needing my attention and all I want to do is play! :)

  22. You can send a bit of that this way- I will take as much as I can get! While you are organizing, get you a flash drive. I recently lost a TON of photos when my computer froze up. It's heart-breaking.

  23. dear debbi, sorry about the rain.

    good luck with the photo organizing.
    i need to do the same with my pictures, too.

    love your views; even if it's raining!


  24. Only if you come and pick me up too. We had a lot of rain yesterday. In fact I walked a friend's dog in the rain and actually enjoyed it. Go figure ;)

    Wishing you a great day,
    An English Girl Rambles

  25. What an awesome view from your office. - Sorry about the rain. It's raining here today but this is our first of the summer so I'm not complaining.

  26. What a lovely landscaped yard. The pictures are beautiful and I feel at peace just looking at them. I do hope you won't have a flood.
    I am trying to get into my mind how to go through thousands of pictures and scan them on the computer. It is a must do job; but I am afraid to begin.

  27. Organizing the computer pictures can be quite a project! I know, my Mom has made disks of each of her kids's pictures as well as her own. She scanned the snapshots first and edited them, and then made the disks and then deleted what she didn't want to save on her own computer. Plus, the digital photos you take can become a huge mountain and need to be edited, organized. It does take quite some time, but it's fun, too. Hope you don't get too much rain!