Friday, June 21, 2013

Delicious Orchards Part II

This is a continuation from yesterday, I hadn't planned on a Part II
but I realized there was a little more I wanted to share!
I didn't photograph what we bought,
but here is a little peak at what I made!
Egg Salad with farm fresh eggs,
on fresh from the oven white bread, nice thick slices!
Chicken and Vegetable Kabobs,
pre-made, pre-marinated, five bucks each, so worth it!
We cooked sliced red potatoes, onion and butter in foil packets.
The bottoms crisp up nicely on the grill!!
These are really good!
I also made cupcakes for my infusion mates,
and the wonderful nurses that tend to us!

 Today is infusion Friday and everyone enjoyed the sweet treats!! 


  1. oh, you are so sweet to your infusion mates and those that administer it! :)

    and YUM to all the other food! i don't eat eggs, usually, but once in a while a good egg salad really hits the spot!

  2. wow, my mouth is watering.

    great-looking food! looks delish!
    i love eggs.

    happy weekend!

  3. I love egg salad! I tell myself it is full of protein...I try not to think about the mayonnaise;) I love visiting the orchards with you. Everything looks beautifully yummy. I know everyone had a smile today seeing you walk in with cupcakes. Have a wonderful weekend. Bonnie

  4. This looks absolutely delicious. Love egg salad.

  5. YUM YUM YUM....looks so so good!!!

  6. Oh, I could gobble up all that food! Looks so delicious. And you are so kind to take treats to others. I'm sure they appreciated them--and you! :-)

  7. Debbie, everything look so delicious. Especially the cupcaskes. You are such a sweet person. I am sure your infusion mates loved their treat. Have a happy weekend!

  8. yummy - i have never made egg salad. need to do that. i have had tuna salad, or potato salad ... what am i waiting for, right???! ( :

    those cupcakes look delicious.

  9. Well now I am really hungry and I missed a post so I am off to find part 1. I may be back:) Hug B

  10. Oh now I get it. Those kabobs look so delish and what a buy.
    Your infusion buddies and the nurses will be smiling I know because I am drooling. Have a nice weekend Hug B

  11. I call foul! You taunt us with all of those wonderful yummies and we can't have any. Just kidding! I think it's so sweet of you to take sweets with you on infusion days. I hope it went very well for you, my friend.

  12. Boy oh boy Debbie, you know how to bring a smile to those around you. What a lovely treat for your infusion mates.
    We love a good egg sandwich too - yours looks delicious! :D)

  13. Ok, now I'm hungry. Everything looks so yummy. Wish I could live at your house.

  14. HI Debbie What a feast for sore eyes. Everything looks lovely and I am sure your friends appreciate your kindness. Have a good weekend. Margaret

  15. Everything looks delicious, Debbie!