Thursday, June 13, 2013

Good Day...

Yesterday was a gorgeous day here at the Jersey Shore,
the kind of day you want to be outside, all, day, long.
My Hydrangeas
are just starting to show some color.
This is the Endless Summer variety, it blooms four times each summer.
The Spirea's
are popping open and the ants have taken notice!
These Wildflowers
are climbing through the deck rails, reaching for the sun.
This year the Knockout Roses are exceptional,
and my Climbing Roses are so pretty in pink.
These roses bloom only once per year, but what a show!
The peonies are spent now but they were so impressive this year,
the colors were rich and spectacular!
I also had a play date with Addie...outdoor play, lunch and shopping.
I love this girl,
she has been such a bright shining light in my life!!


  1. All you flowers are beautiful and how couldn't you not have a great play date with that little cutie. So fun.

  2. These shots are all beautiful - you captured the feel of the day! My favorite is the hydrangea that's just beginning to show its color - really pretty composition on that shot!

  3. Gorgeous blooms Debbie! Miss Addie is darling!

  4. that last shot is so darn cute!

    love your blooms - wild or not. :)

  5. Addie is so cute. I like Addie too.

    Lovely blooms.

  6. Beautiful flowers...beautiful little girl!

  7. Oh my, Debbie! Your flowers are all gorgeous! I have a few iris finally blooming and that's it.

    Addie is a doll! Is she a niece? I've forgotten....

  8. Thanks for brightening my day with these lovely images.

  9. The flowers are beautiful but NOTHING can compare to your little Addie!!

  10. ¸.•°✿✿⊱彡
    A última foto é a mais bonita!!!
    Muita saúde e felicidade para vocês.

    Bom restinho de semana!
    Beijinhos do Brasil.

  11. Very pretty flowers and what a cute playdate! She is precious! Debbie, have a happy weekend!

  12. She is just beautiful what a great smile. I bet you had fun. What a bunch of great blooms.

  13. The most beautiful flower of all is that little Addie girl!! Glad you had such a fun day!

  14. What beautiful flowers!!!!!!! And that last flower, what a cutie she is!

  15. Oh, the flowers are lovely....and that Addie...ADORABLE!!

  16. Those are gorgeous flower shots! Fantastic colors! Addie is cute as a bug!

  17. Beautiful colors, beautiful pictures, especially Addie, the prettiest flower of them all :)

  18. Don't you just LOVE this time of year? Your flowers are gorgeous! I also have hydrangea and spirea.
    Love the pic of Addie: I'm sure time spent with her is special.

  19. Your garden sure looks good!!!
    And congratulations on capturing the kingbird!!

  20. Marvelous photos Debbie and gorgeous flowers, but the shining star is Addie. She is absolutely adorable!

    Thanks for stopping by my SWF post and wishing you a great weekend.
    An English Girl Rambles

  21. all shots are so beautiful but the last shot is BEST. Have a great weekend. Margaret

  22. OMG, Addie is adorable. That picture of her is just precious.
    I loved all your flower pictures I wish my backyard had more of these kinds of flowers. We are trying each year to put in more plants and flowers to accent our landscaping. It still needs lots of help. At least you are inspiring me with your pictures.

  23. What a stunning display of color and beauty with your lovely flowers. Then you saved the best for last as Addie is just about as adorable as they can get.

  24. This colorful post certainly brightened my day. Lovely, brilliant blooms, Debbie! Addie is indeed precious! Love her joyous smile.

  25. All the blooms look lovely, Debbie, especially that last one named Addie.

  26. Such a great picture of Addie and your flowers are just lovely!