Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cool In The Pool...

Yesterday was a gorgeous day, a perfect "10"!
The hubs and I floated here in the pool,
with this gorgeous view of the Manasquan River.
Here's a view of the pool, looking back at the house.
Can you see the hubs up on the deck,
waving to me!?
He's such a goof!!
We feasted on grilled junk food...
and grilled peaches, drizzled with honey!!
This was delish!
I was able to prune my knockout roses and
deadhead my daylilies.
It felt really good, to work in the gardens. 


  1. Love the pool and the view of the river, Debbie! It is hot today, I would be in the pool floating too. The peaches look yummy! Happy Sunday to you!

  2. wow, just love your VIEW! and great deckage! :) glad you got to work in the flowerbeds for a while. :)

  3. You live it heaven on earth!

    Glad you had a wonderful day.

  4. Oh This is truly a beautiful place you have.I am so glad you are able to relax and enjoy after working in the garden. Enjoy you deserve do so some cooling down and pampering. Hug B

  5. What a lovely place you live in!
    And a top of that, a great view.

    I hope tomorrow will be the same for you, and the day after that and ... :)

    Thank You for sharing this photos with us :)

  6. If you hear a knock at the door, it's me with my swimsuit and towel, begging to come in and cool off. :)

  7. Dang - that peach looks wonderful!

    and the pool isnt so bad, either ;)

  8. Hi Debbie 'A pool with a view' Wonderful. Glad you got some work done!! Margaret

  9. What a perfect way to spend a perfect day!!! What a beautiful view from your pool. I'm betting its spectacular at night.

  10. Nice digs!! I wanna come over to swim!!!

  11. Great shot of the Manasquan River! Reminds me of being young, I did a lot of water skiing on that river... Those days are certainly gone.

  12. Those peaches look incredible! I'm having a tough time with our knockout roses this year, the leaves are getting lacy-like holes on them. Any ideas?

  13. Oh I love beautiful weather! You have such a wonderful home!

  14. Wow, you are so blessed to live in such a beautiful environment. My husband loves to work in the yard; me I just like to watch him.
    Your views are beautiful. I can tell that you find great peace there.

  15. Wow - I think I'd be happy just floating in that pool all day long - and maybe eating some of those peaches, too! They look wonderful!

  16. I have loaded up my car and I am on my way! :-) Seriously, I am glad you enjoyed yourself. The views are incredible!