Friday, March 22, 2013

Llama Love

Did you know that Llama is spelled with two "ll's"??
I had to google it!
The hubs and I were out and about
when out of the corner of my eye I spotted this...
adorable Llama!
The hubs was thrilled (insert cough)...
this was a spin the car around in a hurry moment.
I'm not sure why it's so urgent, to go back so quickly,
where exactly do I think the llama is going?
I found this cutie pie at a small petting zoo,
next to a private school on a major highway.
One I travel often, I have never noticed him before.
A poser for sure, this one loved all the attention.
I was so happy to see several goats, keeping company with the llama.
They had zero interest in the girl with the camera.
I really adore farm animals, I'm not sure why?
I mentioned that to the hubs,
I also said "I wouldn't last five minutes on a farm"
He said "I know"...Way to have faith in me!!


  1. Lindos!!! beijos,ótimo fim de semana,chica

  2. laughing at your farm girl heart w/o farm girl shoes. :)

    and that llama's dental work is too funny!

  3. That llama is definately worthy of a spin the car around.

    When it warms up you can come join me at the farm while I clean. You can be in charge of giving the alpacas carrots.

  4. Oh I do love Llama's they are just so adorable. I think you would last on the farm better then you think you would. We would get you a pair of Pink Cadillac Boots and you would look fabulous and Annie would love you.
    I cannot believe he does not believe in you:) Hug B

  5. Hi Debbie...your so cute...Farm animal are always wonderful until you have to feed and clean out the poo-poo for there quarter ; )
    That Llama (yes I did know that double Ll) need some teeth
    cleaning work done ; )

  6. Cute llama pics. Llama seems like a good scrabble word.

  7. I never see anything exciting here. Your llama pics are great. The goat is a cutie!

  8. some one needs braces. those teeth look like they are well worn. cute shots. you find the greatest places to check out. thanks for sharing.

    enjoy your weekend. ( :

  9. Lama na drugim zdjęciu wyglada bardzo zabawnie. Pozdrawiam.
    Lama in the second picture looks very funny. Yours.

  10. I love the animal pics! I've never seen a llama's teeth up close--I'm surprised at the look of them!

    I grew up on a farm, and I probably wouldn't make it again. Though if I had some of Buttons' Pink Cadillac boots, I might look good trying! :-)

  11. If I ever get my llama, 2 alpacas and 3 sheep, you can drive down and
    visit. But please, more than five minutes.

  12. The Lama
    By Ogden Nash
    The one-l lama, He's a priest;
    The two-l llama, He's a beast.
    And I will bet
    A silk pajama
    There isn't any Three-l lllama.


  13. Debbie, Lovely cute llama. I love the farm animals too. Just not the work that goes with taking care of them. Petting zoos are perfect for me. Great shots, hope you have a happy weekend!

  14. I do not think its toothy grin has been captured before.

    Otherwise it must have brushed them earlier.

  15. I have never seen a llma with such a dark coat. Love the second shot with his funny teeth!!

  16. I am sure you would do great on a farm, because you care. Above all else farmers care:)

  17. Such fun photos. Well worth the spin.

  18. They are long as they don't spit at you! ha! ha!

  19. Maybe you just love 'em cause you don't have to take care of 'em!

    What a cute face!

  20. I tell ya, I laughed out loud when I saw his smiling teeth. LOL!!

  21. We have a little farm nearby that has spitting llamas. It's the wildest thing I've ever saw!

  22. That llama is very striking! Looks like he has lots of personality too. I like the dark grey color he has!

  23. I like the white on black face marking! Very distinctive. We had friends who used to have llama's. They were quite friendly.

  24. We have quite a few llamas in our area because people keep them for protection of their goats and sheep. They are such an interesting looking creature.

  25. That llama is so cute!! I love the markings on his face!!!

  26. hi debbie, that llama is so darn cute!

    thanks for these fun photos.

    happy weekend~

  27. Lol, I know why it has to be such a hurried turnback... it's to catch that exact same pose!! Looks like you did - they're beaut photos and the Llama loved playing up to you too!
    Cheers now. (It's fun to pretend to be a farmgirl though) ;D)

  28. Well, at least you know your limitations! :)

  29. What a cute Llama that one is. I just love his smiling face - enough to make you smile in return. Hope you are keeping well, I've not done much visiting lately.

  30. He is a cutie but some toothpaste would help...hahaha

    I can so identify with you about spinning the car around....I am getting fast and good at it.....

  31. Watch out with that llama--I think they spit at you if they don't like you.

  32. I loved the picture of the Llamas.
    My brother owned a small resort many years ago and he had a llama. They can be ornery and temperamental. At least this llama was temperamental and tried to kick you if you got too close.