Monday, March 18, 2013

It's The Last Snow

Long story...
If you follow my blog, you know I love snow.
Not a little, I love it a lot!
The last few weeks we have been getting a bit of snow.
Not a large quanity, just frequent, small "dustings",
up to a few inches.

Here's a peak at the back yard on March 8th.
Each time it snows, the hubs proclaims,
"this is going to be the last snow of the season,
you better get out there and get some pictures"!

Of course, I run outside, snapping away,
here's the backyard on March 17th.
But it just won't stop snowing and I have more pictures then I could ever share.
Most of them are sitting in the bowels of this computer,
never to be seen by another living soul.

Snow is in the forcast again today.

I love this picture,
the branch all the way to the left, how it's outlined in snow.

Taco's are planned for tonight,
the bird feeders, suet and bird bath are full.
Because the best part about snow, is eating and all the extra bird activity!!

Do you guys love the snow?? Or have you had enough??
I think I love it so much because I don't have to go anywhere.
I am home and able to enjoy it's beauty from the window!!

The hubs just said "get ready, this is going to be the last one"!
Oy he kidding!


  1. So pretty. I do love the beauty of it all! I've felt a stronger desire for spring this year than usual...though now that I have the light back, I'm not minding the cold. And we're getting hit again tomorrow (with snow, that is!) Two years ago the last snow wasn't until April Fool's day - so ya just never know. Hopefully I'll have some more snow pics this week too!

  2. I love seeing the snow on everyone's blogs. Mostly because I don't have to get out in it here in Florida. Your shots are great so keep them coming.

  3. you and chuck make me laugh. :) how cute. loved the 'bowels of this computer' reference, too. :)

  4. I like snow once in awhile, but after about March I'm done with it. I have to admit that the snow we got the other day was pretty. It looked like powdered sugar on all the trees.

  5. i love your kind of snow. we are having icy with a wee bit of snow today - i prefer that beautiful type of snow. i will enjoy your shots. enjoy those birds. glad they are well feed. enjoy my snowy friend. ( :

  6. I LOVE snow. It's snowning lightly right now. Great shots Debbie.

  7. Hahaha!!! We're supposed to get snow tonight, too - and I would love it if I didn't have to commute into the city. The "bowels of my computer" (lol) are pretty full of snowy shots, also - but I think I might be all set with the snow, now. Your shots are beautiful, though - so keep on posting. Enjoy your tacos and bird watching!

  8. Since you have it, I am so glad you are enjoying it...Have fun staying home and taking pictures and eating tacos.....As for me...I am ready for spring...

  9. I love the snow, but I am ready for some warmer temps to I can get the kiddos outside in some fresh air.

  10. I sure hope you're right about the last snow! That's all it's done here for the last 5 days. :-{{

  11. Oh, I LOVE snow, and we just don't get enough in my part of Virginia. Your photos are stunning. I think snow on tree branches is one of the most beautiful sights in nature. Thank you for sharing!

  12. So pretty! We never see snow so I really enjoy your pictures!

  13. If you love snow, you would be joyful here. We have enough to last a good long while.

    Your photos show its loveliness well.

  14. I love snow too, but I think I've had enough for this year. We are expecting another dump tonight and a nasty day tomorrow. My husband is away so I figure I will be housebound until it goes away on its own. But I am prepared. Love your snow pics. And had to chuckle when I thought about the bowels of my computer. It is getting constipated.

  15. You've probably got more snow in those photos than we've had all winter. I think the most we got at once was 3". I love snow-covered trees! These are beautiful shots!

  16. I love the snow too, Debbie, but by this time of year, I have had enough, for sure. :-)

    We are supposed to get some more snow too tomorrow. Hopefully it won't be a lot, and it will disappear quickly. The flowers want to come up, and I want them to come up too!!

    I hope you've had a wonderful day!

  17. I like snow as well,but there is a limit.We have had soooo much and it is storming right now. did I mention that I am ready for spring? LOL

  18. We really haven't had all that much snow, but I'd like to stick a fork in winter. Happy for you that you are happy! :)

  19. I would love snow I think. I have never lived in it though. I think I would love to see it every time it came.
    I love your photos too and I would like it because I would get to stay home too. Your photos are pretty. I am so surprised how much snow you have had this March. It is soon to be the last one don't you think?

  20. I love seeing the snow through your eyes Debbie! Thank you xx

    Just popped in after an absence from the blogosphere, so shall backtrack now and catch up with your doings :D)

  21. I love the snow also, but we don't get much of it here. We did have a wee bit a few weeks ago but it didn't last very long.
    Your pictures are lovely, the snow just makes everything look so clean and fresh doesn't it?
    Enjoy your snow!!!!

  22. Oh you know you sound just like me Debbie we are expecting a big snow storm tonight and I am waiting. I hiked through the bush today looking at the patches of snow that were left and was wishing for more snow and guess what.....wishes do come true. I cannot wait till the morning:) Enjoy your snow Debbie I do know how you fell.:) Hug B

  23. I have always loved snow...until now that I have a 30 minute drive to work every morning. Today I was in a white out and stressed. I'm ready to be done. But then I see your lovely pictures and havew to rethink it all....

  24. LOVE the last shot, too! I have always adored snow, ever since I lied for about six years of my childhood in different spots in Md and saw snow every winter. It always makes me think of my childhood, of happy Christmases, and family togetherness. It can be breath-takingly beautiful! But, after several months I begin to weary of it...more of the cold than anything. Not handling the cold so well as I get older...OR the heat, which is coming in spades in my neck of the woods soon! :-)

  25. If I did have to worry about getting to work and I could stay home and watching the snow, I might like it more. But, now I am ready for Spring. Warmer weather, flowers and my spring birds. Your photos are lovely, thanks for pulling them out of your computer to share with us. Have a happy week and enjoy your snow.

  26. I'm glad your getting all the snow and not me. I'm SO ready for Spring. Being cooped up in the house with 3 kiddos is NOT fun! I love them dearly but we love to be outside enjoying the warm weather.

    Your pictures are gorgeous. I will admire the snow through your blog :)

  27. Snow is OK if you don't have to clean off your car and drive in it. Unfortunately it also turns into ice when it melts.

    Your pictures are beautiful!

  28. Reminds of Christmas all over again seeing snow on green pine branches- (although we always have Christmas mid winter).

  29. I'm glad you have gotten to enjoy some snow, Debbie. Beautiful shots!

    (Hope the snow stays up there, I don't want it here in Ky!)


  30. Honestly... I'm done with winter and snow. Let Spring begin!
    Snow does however make for pretty pictures.

  31. Now that's the kind of snow I like. Here today and gone tomorrow!!! Not like Wisconsin is getting. We don't wanna go home.............

  32. I love the snow too. We may have had our last storm but who knows. In Utah it can snow into June.
    Loved the pictures; and do enjoy those moments of sitting by the fire, looking at the snow and drinking Hot chocolate.

  33. Debbie, I also love snow and miss our Nj snowfalls cause here on the VA eastern shore we don't get nuch that's for sure. Thanks for sharing your winter scenes and like you I wouldn't mind if we had a lot cause I would stay home and place to go, just relax and tacos sound like a great idea for snowbound days.