Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Rural Thursday Blog Hop #14

Back in April, one of my favorite nieces Stephanie
had her art show for college.
A wonderful opportunity for her to display her beautiful art work.

She is creative and talented, focused and driven.
She worked for many month's on her presentation to us.

Her detail oriented display was breathtaking,
along with her portfolio and book.

In May Stephanie graduated from Stockton College, NJ

In early June her parents hosted a wonderful celebration party for her.
She is very special to me!!

Of course my "gift" to Steph was a mushy card and lot's of $$$.
What college graduate doesn't need money??

But I also made her this...

Candy Gram Pail

This was so fun and super easy.

Purchase the clear/empty paint can at Michaels for $ 5.99,
minus your 40% off coupon, which made it super cheap.

I already had the ribbons and scrapbook embellishments.

The candy will set you back about 20 buck-a-roos,
well worth it right, someone's going to eat it!!
I got most of mine in Walgreens.
Your going to need the candy that's in CAPS & BOLDED!!

I typed and printed the verse on my computer,
cut it in to a circular shape, inked the edges,
added the ribbons and embellishments,

That's it, DONE!!

Stephanie loved it because I made it!!

So this is what's happening in my neck of the woods.
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Think about hoping in and hoping around!!


  1. Oh Debbie she sure is talented I wish her all the luck in the world but I think she is going to do just fine.
    I love your gift the photo had me at first sight choc always does that for me. You are a very special. I am sure she loved it. B

  2. I love your photos.
    They are very beautiful.
    Stephanie will be happy.
    I wish her much love and happiness!!!!

  3. I wish you were my aunt :) I love $$$ and candy. What a fun idea and I'm so glad you shared I might just have to steel this idea from you one day.

  4. I think Stephanie must have inherited some of her creativity from her Aunt Debbie.

    Love the paint can project. Pure Debbie!

    Thanks for sharing at Rural Thursdays. :)

  5. What an awesome idea!! I'm sure Stephanie loved it. Thanks for sharing it.

  6. Loved seeing all of these photos. You and she are such creative gals!

  7. What a wonderful post ~ and such a Wonderful Aunt and talented niece ~ thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

  8. What a fun and unique gift to celebrate! Congratulations to her :-)

  9. How wonderful! Congratulations to her. A Fine Arts degree is not an easy program. It is a lot of very hard work. You, my dear, are so creative! I love the bucket of goodies. And....yes every graduate needs $$$. You are a wonderful aunt. Bonnie

  10. oh wow, i love that! that is so cute! at first, from the thumb nail i was thinking it was a bird feeder or something like that, which you could do i guess by eating all the chocolates and then modge podging the wrappers lol.....congrats to your niece!!

  11. What a creative girl you are Debbie! I love gifts like that. You have a very pretty niece too!

  12. I have been trying so hard to stay out of Michael's, and now you go and show me this adorable paint can...
    Love the mourning doves taking a bath!!

  13. that is great Debbie, and so easy to make. I love what you wrote on the lid.

  14. Stephanie looks to be a very talented and well presented young lady. Good wishes for her post graduation life.
    Debbie, creativity certainly runs deep in your family! I just love your sweet gift to her :D)

  15. I loved the sweets part but I wouldn't say no to $$$ as well :)


  16. Congrats to your niece, best wishes for a bright future. Love the candy pail...great gift! So creative...will have to give it a try!

  17. you are too darn cute! now pass me a 100 grand, please! :)

  18. oooh...100% copyable! LOVE IT!

  19. What an amazing accomplishment. She seems very talented. Congrats to her.
    Your can is super cute. I love that idea and the poem is super cute. I would eat all that candy if I had it.
    TFS. Ana

  20. Congrats to Stephanie! And what a clever idea for a gift!!

  21. That's a very clever gift, Debbie! Congrats to your niece who is very talented and I wish her much success.

  22. What a smart Auntie! Your niece is very talented.

  23. What a clever girl your neice is - congratulations to her for graduating.
    Your family sure is a talented one. :)

  24. That is tooo tooo awesome!!!

  25. I love it well done. I'm going to have to keep this in mind.

  26. The pictures and thoughts were lovely. Congrats to Stephanie. I am sure her career will bloom. I really liked your idea of the pail. Thanks for giving the info on how to make it. I am sure you are a great blessing to your Niece.

  27. How wonderful! Congratulations to her. Loved seeing all of these photos. I am greeting

  28. Oh my goodness this is so adorable! What an awesome idea.