Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Rural Thursday Blog Hop #13

I had something completely different planned for today!
We're switching things up today because yesterday was amazing.
My little fingers are typing so fast,
I want to remember and include every single detail of my adventure.

sent me a message that two alpaca mother's at edel haus farm 
had given birth, that day!
My mission was to see them yesterday,
when they were only one day old.

Mission accomplished!!

When the hubs and I pulled up at the farm,
the owners John and Audrey were not around.
We parked and got out but now there was a big fence
between me and pure joy.
I could see the babies but I wouldn't be able to get too close.

Within about two minutes John came flying across the field
and I knew I was in for the treat of a lifetime!!

Enough with all this talking, let's get to the good stuff, pictures.
I took 302.
haha, no, I'm not going to show you all of them!!

Meet baby boy White Russian, with his jet black mom.
John said the odds of this happening are about one in a million.

My first sighting of Fibonacci with his mom!!

They are just too sweet for words...

I was able to hold White Russian,

and I carried him in to the scale house so he could be weighed.
He is 14 pounds today, he was 15 when he was born.
John and Audrey said that happens sometimes.

I probably spent an hour with all the alpaca's.
The babies really loved me, but they stick close to mom.

Alpaca kisses,

 they are all very protective of the little ones.

Welcome to the world, White Russian

and  Fibonacci
and thanks for spending time with me today,
it was amazing!!

oooohhhh and Iris is Pregnant, she is due any day.
I got to see and feel the baby kicking!!

So this is what's happening in my neck of the woods.
I'm sharing today with
Please visit Nancy at A Rural Journal
and Lisa at Two Bears Farm

Think about hoping in and hoping around!!

A p.s. share with Clytie at Random Hearts
she is right, they do have cute little heart shaped noses!!


  1. Awwww,those babies are the sweetest. I am so happy for you.What a thrill this must have been.I love those cute little faces.

  2. Sweet, cute, adorable! And I can see that you are just a tad excited!

  3. Oh Debbie you are so lucky I am jealous they are absolutely beautiful and I imagine very soft and cuddly. Oh I only wish I lived closer. Thanks Debbie what an amazing day for you. Thanks for sharing and making me smile even though I am so jealous:) B

  4. Sooo sweet. I would love to see them in person. Lucky you! Thanks very much for sharing these little cuties.

  5. They are so so cute, no wonder you really enjoyed yourself. What an experience for you. You will be able to see them grow up too (and show us the pictures) :))

  6. Oh my cute are they!!! What fun for you.

  7. Ohmigoodness, Debbie ... I am so excited that you got the chance to see the newborns up close and in person!!! I can't wait to see more of these little cuties as they grow up!

    P.S. They have such cute little HEART-shaped noses don't they??? :=}

  8. Sososososo special!! I love the names of the babies! AND the kissing! AND that you got to hold them! What a wonderful adventure that I know you've been waiting for! What will be amazing, is that when the next baby comes, I bet these two will have already grown a fair bit!!

  9. Oh, love the pic of you with the baby! How interesting w/ the white/black combo!

  10. i know you were in heaven! it shows on your face! and i've recently 'met' andee in blogland and didn't realize her folks' place was the same farm you've been to! :)

  11. All the animals are having babies, aren't they! So cool to see them all! =)
    The babies are SOOOO CUUUUTE! =)

  12. Oh wow! How cute, precious, adorable and.....sweet!! I just loved seeing these new babies and love the photo of the pair 'kissing'...too cute! Thanks for taking us along on this trip, Debbie.

  13. Oh I am happy for you! I am sure John is so excited about all your pictures! I saw him this morning and he was so excited to show off the pictures. We are still waiting for crias at my parents farm, lots of butt watching this morning as I cleaned pens. I'll let you know when I'll be at the farm so we can play!

  14. Awwww Deb, they are so precious.
    You were so fortunate to be able to photograph them. i am sure I have never seen one this young.
    Beautiful images!

  15. Wonderful, wonderful photos ~ so endearing and loving ~ what a gift to see one alpaca new born and to hold one ~ Wow! ~thanks, (A Creative Harbor)

  16. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for sharing this delightful event. I'm just smiling from ear to ear.

  17. Beautiful photographs, smile appears on the mouth. I am greeting

  18. They look so cute. What a feast you could get to close to them.
    Have a great weekend Debbie.

  19. Oh, you lucky dog! I truly wouldn't have minded to see all 300+ photos. They are so adorable.

  20. Oh wow Debbie, that is so awesome. They are beautiful. I would love to have been there. I am so glad you got to hold White Russian. Are they really soft?
    This is just amazing.

  21. Om my gosh !!! they are just adorable and you are so lucky to get all these photos and to carry one of them !!!

    I am so thrilled just looking at them !


  22. That is incredible. Being able to not only take pictures but also hold them. They seem so sweet.
    TFS. Ana

  23. ok, it's all your fault, now i HAVE to have an alpaca!! i can see why you took 302 pictures! so cute!!

  24. How exciting to be able to see and hold those beautiful babies! Great shots.

  25. Such a great blog!!! I love it!

    Would you like to follow each others blog via GFC and Bloglovin in order to keep in touch?

    Lots of love,

  26. Such a great blog!!! I love it!

    Would you like to follow each others blog via GFC and Bloglovin in order to keep in touch?

    Lots of love,

  27. What a treat to see. Are they as soft as they look?

  28. Oh Debbie, they are all just so cute!! What a fantastic post... it's so delightful.
    Where are you keeping that little one you smuggled home?

  29. Oh how cute they are! You lucky, you got to hold one of them! So, so darling! oh and you too!:)

  30. CUTENESS ALERT!!! Oh my gosh I would of died if I got to hold one of those babies. You lucky girl. They sure are cute.


  31. I would have loved to trade places with you for a day. White Russian is adorable. You are so lucky to have this opportunity.

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    I'll look in to you again - and keep up with your life.
    Wishing you a good day.
    Hanne Bente

  33. Hello Debbie!!!
    Your beautiful photos !!!!

  34. Animals don't come much cuter than this! Thank you for sharing this little bit of the wild kingdom with us! Wonderful!!

  35. what astonishing photos. I am in love with Fibonacci, is he good at math? considering his name..

  36. You got to hold the baby!!! Oh, Debbie! I would call any day I could hold a baby alpaca, a huge success!!!